Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little notice would have been nice!

This morning I learned something vital about the iPhone...

The alarm, is wonderful....

But if you slide the bar all the way across>>>


And we woke up at 7:44....ACK!!!!

Needless to say, this was definitely a "tardy slip" kind of day!! And as we were heading in, the kids were heading across the street for a DJ ran his backpack to his cubby hole and joined his class. Sheesh!!! I then filled out some paperwork so I can drive kids tomorrow from the real rehearsal at our church, to the school. ...which I definitely read the form wrong in the first place thinking I'd be driving them at 8:30, not Sam and I will just stick around town and then head home for noonish eat and turn around and go back to get him. Argh, waste of a day! Ok, not really as I'm helping out, but darnit!!

Today was a ballet day, but we had to drop off books to SVEC first....chatted with a few friends and then we headed to the dance center to wait til it was time for her class. Of course, she had to pee before that time, and we went in early to do that, and get changed into her outfit. She's just mesmerized by all the pix on the wall of the dancers. I just love seeing her fascination! She did awesome in class too...we've been working on her latest step, chasse (sounds like shaw-say) and its side to side step...she constantly turns her body as if to run. And today they learned another one, sounds like show-tay....I's a jumping one.

Since there was no pizzas to pick up today, we headed to the school to pick up the wreaths that we'd ordered as part of the fund raiser....thankfully we could get them early as DJ was coming home with the neighbours today and asking her to get them for me would have been a lil much. I can't wait to hang ours tomorrow!!  After lunch I decided to get the lights on the tree...with only one kids, its much more manageable....and she got bored after opening the boxes of lights and went back to the computer to play starfall. Turns out, 500 lights is NOT enough for our tree this year...and I need at least 200 if not 300 more! The top third is bare of lights right now! But the kids love what's done so far! So do I! Once I got done with the last strand I went to wash my hands...NO WATER!!! Not one drop! With absolutely NO notice either!! I had some water on hand and finished washing my hands, but dang!!!!!

So with no water, I couldn't really do anything that involved water, and so Sam and I snuggled in the chair with her blanket and watched tv til DJ got home. At which point we had water...BROWN water!!! Makes ya take water for granted now don't it!?!?! I couldn't imagine living way back when, when water was dirty! Blech!! But this wasn't earth dirty, it was rusted pipe dirty!! Even worse! Howie thought the toilet was plugged when he flushed and saw brown...I'd forgotten to tell him bout the brown part.

Dinner was eaten in record time for an Awana was leftover sketti night and with the addition of bread and butter, DJ was the second one done!!! I was blown away!! Bread is his motivator! Since doing South Beach, we've eliminated a lot of bread from our diets...but this was handmade whole wheat from Panera, and it was ever so tasty!! And I Can't Believe Its Not Butter is THE best!!!!!! You'd never know it wasn't real!!  Awana was good and went by quickly! Found out our overall secretary is leaving the end of December, and we're not sure who's replacing her...I sure as heck don't want that job!!! No thank you! I'll have enough on my hands with the auction! She wanted to warn me tho, so I don't get roped into it as she knows its not my intention!

We got home and after much discussion in the truck, had a bed time battle that was awfully loud! I finally had to pause the tv and have Howie help me as he usually waits til they're in bed to join us, but tonite, DJ was a PILL!!! Finally they were both quiet at 9! Far too late, but when we get home at 8:40, in the grand scheme of things, it's not bad...just frustrating...there were no teeth brushed, and no books read. I'd already done up Howie's lunch and coffee so I was able to sit and chat with him and watch X Factor. He got an iPhone today and was entering contact info on the new phone the whole time we were gone. He'd even found some apps I'd not gotten yet! HA! Now, we're officially an iFamily! We've gone over to the dark side!!!!

Ok, X Factor is okay...I don't agree with adding back up singers, or dancers or any kind of distraction for a SINGING COMPETITION!!! Let them sing for crying out loud! It's not a concert...they're trying to prove they can sing! Just a pet peeve! I missed hearing Drew, but from the clip, she did just that...sing! And it was Michael Jackson nite, whoop de doo!! As soon as Howie went to bed, I watched I Hate My Teenager's pilot show....while I love Jaime Pressley....I don't like the title. It was a funny show tho! She's got such comedic timing! Then I watched Survivor...I have NO sympathy for Cochran whatsoever!!! Such a scammer! Psych was good...even if I don't care for William Shatner...never liked him on Star Trek either...just sayin! And I'm SO not a trekkie!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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