Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lazy blogger

When I don't actually sit at the computer and type this post up!! But I gotta say, I do enjoy being able to sit in my warm chair beside the Christmas tree and blog about my day!!! My only complaint is the "keyboard" on here...it doesn't turn sideways and get bigger...the upside tho is that it's pretty good at fixing my typos as they happen!!! And there are a few...ok, more than a few!!! 5 in that last sentence alone!!!

This morning the kids were up a ill before 8, which was nice! I had DJ beside me...no clue when he crawled in bed. And of course SamSam was calling for me from her throne! When I went out to the kitchen this is what I saw (not sure if the pic will actually attach here or at the end...) but they were having a "party" in the kitchen!! While they cleaned it up, I got breakfast going. We puttered around til 11:30 and then headed to the shed to do the book gathering...Samantha watched a Barney movie and DJ played Angry Birds...he's officially addicted!! Even asked santa for one!! The crazy thing...he's actually clearing levels!!!!! That's just wrong!! lol

We got back and I made us lunch and the kids went out to play as the sun was shining for a change! While they were out, I headed to the warmest spot in the house: Samantha's room with her heater!!! It lasted all of 20 minutes and they were in the house. DJ set up xBox and played done games...SamSam watched him and I got busy with dishes and dinner prep. Howie wasn't gonna be home on time and then only ended up being an hour late...better than he thought he'd be! But dinner took far too long to thaw and chicken chili didn't happen...so we had BBQ chicken instead. The kids had leftover pancakes with tonnes of fruit on top! I'd bathed the kids before dinner, so that took pressure off getting ready for bed...and instead we moved furniture and brought the tree up!! This may be THE best Christmas yet!!! This is the best age!! Well, maybe next year will be better, but so far, this one is good and it's just started!! Wait til they see the advent calendar!! Even tho we've done them for a couple years now, I'm willing to bet they forgot!! And they didn't see me buy them, which is quite helpful not to be nagged about them!

Once everyone was in bed, I worked in some Avon stuff, some Norwex stuff, and got lunches ready. It wasn't til almost 10:30 that I sat down! With the Christmas season, my shows are hit and miss...tonite was just Hart of Dixie...which was good!!! A late Thanksgiving show, but still good!! Now, DJ's been up for bid nightly bathroom ritual...and I'm camping out in SamSam's room where its warn to finish my lazy blogging!! :)

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  1. Love (and hate) blogging by app. It IS so much easier and nicer to be setting down. But the keyboard is nuts!

    My nephew totally kicks butt on Angry Birds. He is seven! Where do they learn this stuff??


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