Friday, November 18, 2011

It's all together possible

I may have taken the whole "Wordless Wednesday" to the 

What really happened...I fell asleep watching Survivor and when I woke up, took myself to bed!

Yesterday was jam packed with all kinds of goodness...ballet goodness, Awana goodness....even a quick doze on the couch with my best girl goodness!! But clearly I was wiped out! And, I realize now, I forgot to take my vitamins...

Not today tho!!! Took them with breakfast and have been right as rain!

Which we did not wake up to...nooooo, instead we had white stuff on the ground that excited the heck out of my children!! Upon further investigation (and a conversation with Howie) it turns out it was really hail...just a false alarm! Whew! Two miles from our house, there nothing anywhere to be found!! This is going to be an interesting winter!

I actually managed to get DJ to school at 8:20 this morning....and there was minimal voice raisage (yes, not a real word, a Missy-word!) It helped that a) DJ got dressed before I was even out of bed he was so excited about the snow; b) he had his lunch packed before I was able to get Sam dressed!; c) only one child to feed breakfast as Sam and I were coming back home to eat!! Gotta love it! I also discovered there's a train at 8:14....gotta remember that one! Oh, and the one last nite was moving SO slow, I could have walked faster than it was took over 8 minutes to cross the road...and then on top of that, we had a second train in the opposite direction pass at the same time, but moving a bit faster.

Sam and I spent our day puttering...I'm doing a fundraiser tomorrow and was gathering my stuff together and making sure all my books are stamped. The Princess and I did lunch together and then she got a bubble bath while I got ready. The plan was to pick DJ up from school and head to Alfy's for an Avon meeting...from 3-5...then stick around for the team party for DJ's football team at 5:30...which thankfully was only an hour long and we were home about 6:45 with DJ in the bath by 7. And for once, both kids were in bed by 8:15!! Kinda nice!!

Howie and I watched BBT which was priceless!! Many laughable moments!! Then he went to bed and I kept on with Rules of Engagement, which is losing me and Whitney, which is gaining me! That show is just so darn funny!! Private Practice was heavy!! I've never been around someone who's addicted to drugs (nor do I ever want to be) but the pain looks awful!! The cliffhanger ending...GAH!!!  Then I watched Psych from last nite, since I fell asleep, and it was very comical! I'm enjoying their guest stars this season!!
Til next time...God bless!

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