Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today was a trick!!!

Even tho the sun was shining, it was freakin cold!! Last nite before I went to bed, like always, I took Belle out for one last potty and noticed what looked like snow on the chair...more likely frost that had frozen well, but dang!!! What a reality check! And now they're calling for snow this Friday...I'm praying valiantly it stays away til Monday....I've got stuff to do this weekend and snow isn't welcome!!

Because it was so cold, I made DJ start wearing his winter coat today to school...we seem to have lost his Lightning McQueen jacket and it was the warmest non-winter coat...I've checked everywhere too!! I also made breakfast last nite, so the kids enjoyed their eggamuffins on the way to school and I had mine when we got back home. The morning was an Avon biggest order yet...but that's because of the fundraiser I just did with the dance team at Jake's school...but still...sorting that is gonna be fun!! I made the grievous error of not hitting the "ship separate" button and now it and my regular order are all coming together! YIKES!!!! Won't make that mistake again!!

After it was all submitted the Princess and I did lunch...and then we lazed around til it was time to go get DJ from school...we arrived a few minutes early and caught up with Marty's mom and chatted with her for a bit. The kids played for about 15 minutes before they both  needed to potty, so we went in to do that and then headed home. DJ was home all of 5 minutes before asking to go next door...and off he went! As I was getting Sam ready to go over, the boys came over here, so they played downstairs. And with such good timing, Howie came home from work which allowed me to hop in the shower!!

Once I was ready, I hopped in the car and headed to Everett for an Avon meeting...feels like FOREVER since I've been to one too!! Man there were a lot of new faces tonite...that's good tho! The leaders did put me on the spot and had me talk about how I did the fundraiser...and then I had two people afterwards ask me all sorts of was a good meeting! From there I went to see my boyfriend Michael...been SO long since he and I spent any quality time together! And lucky for me, the yarn I like to use was on sale, so I got some for the kids to make their Christmas hat/scarf set...kinda behind this year! Sheesh! Lately tho I've just been trying to stay warm while watching tv...need another space heater, Sam's got the only working one in her room!! She's got the coldest bedroom, so the heater is on til I go to bed and it stays moderate til morning...I was pleased to feel that when I went in to wake her this morning.

I got home and everyone was in bed...except the dogs...and Belle was very enthusiastic to see me! I got busy right away getting lunches ready...remind me not to leave it so late again! I think it was close to 10 by the time I sat down! Glee was GOOD!!! Love the Mash Off and the way they mashed the two Adele songs...LOVE it!! And New Girl is getting pretty good...quite a few laughs tonite! And Raising Hope did NOT disappoint!! Parenthood was good...tough to watch as a mom tonite, its hard to tame the mama bear sometimes!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Hey congrats on all your orders! That has to feel good to keep busy and be so successful they ask you to speak at a meeting. Woo!

    I watched Biggest Loser, and Storage Wars last night. LOL.


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