Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whew, that was busy!!!

Yesterday was NUTS I tell you...nuts!!

Well, the morning wasn't...and I got DJ to school with 5 minutes to spare!!! Tuesdays are like that...everyone's eager! Come Friday, it's a whole other ball game!! After we dropped him off, Sam and I came home for a spell...then had lunch and headed to Miss Kay's house to drop off her Norwex, and then to the shed to pick up books, then to pick up DJ from school, then home to get dinner going and have a shower, eat dinner and head to Lynnwood to pick up all necessary info on the fundraiser I'm doing with Jake's school's dance team (so his ex-girlfriend) and then to Panera in Woodinville to train a gal on how we do the pick up...and then, just for fun (and milk) I stopped in at Freddy's and grabbed a few things before finally heading home! Where I got caught up in entering things online for the fundraiser til I forced myself to sit and relax a spell!!


Today, was no better...we woke up and were making good time and then it all fell apart and there was much yelling and we were late for one minute, but that's late! Then we went to SVEC to drop off the books and so Sam could play for a bit. Then we went to Laney's house for a playdate before going to ballet class...which she had fun at, as usual...the moms are trying to get me to join the adult dance class that's happening Mondays starting this coming one...they're CRAZY!! Deaf people don't do dance...we have no equilibrium!! ha! And I'm SOOOO not getting into that get up with the tights and chiffon skirts...nothankyou!

After dance we went to the bank, then to pick up pizzas and drop them off at the shed, then home where we had lunch and I did more of the fundraiser work....there sure is alot of it!!! Before I knew it, it was time to head to school to pick DJ up...last week when he stayed after school til howie picked him up and brought him home, he was a hot mess on the way to Awana...I wanted to avoid that and have him home earlier to get that meltdown out of the way. Sure enough, as soon as we were home he melted!! Sheesh!!

I was getting dinner going when Howie got home...we ate early (but not early enough apparently) and as I'm getting everything together, Miss SamSam says her tummy hurts...I assume its because shes hungry and brush it she's uber whiny, but attribute that to it being such a full day for her.  As I'm feeding her and she's clinging to my arm I notice her warm we take her temp and it's 99.6...we give her the option of staying or going to Awana and she chose to stay home...not gonna force her!

So DJ and I headed to Awana rehearsing his verse on the way. It was a crazy busy nite for me and before I knew it, it was over!! Not sure where the 2 hours went, but I got DJ from his class and we headed to the truck. We parked near the back entrance as we arrived late for the good spots...and as soon as we got in the truck I looked for my where to be found!! NOT A GOOD FEELING!! So we head back in to make sure I didn't leave it in the church, which I know I didn't as I was sure I'd left it in the truck...HATE THAT FEELING!! I call Howie and no again, no answer,  we head back in the church to ask for a flashlight and I tried Howie again...finally got thru and my purse is in the dining area. UGH!!! So we head back to Laney's house as I'd forgotten my sunglasses there and we were right there...then head to Freddy's to get gas.

It wasn't til I was AT the pump that I realized I didn't have my purse with me....which meant I had no money, no cards, no nothing!!! And Howie was in was SamSam...I call him, no answer, call again, no the 3rd time (it really IS the charm) and he answers. Begrudgingly he brings me my purse after learning I literally had 2 miles left in the tank of gas. He also had to wake Sam who was NOT thrilled to be woken up and put in a cold car to rescue me. I thanked her for rescuing me when we tucked her back in bed and she said "I didn't rescue you, I just brought you your purse!" lol Even not feeling well she still cracks me up!

Everyone in bed, I finally sat down to watch the CMA's and the first one I see win, my buddy Blake Shelton!! Male vocalist of the year...AGAIN!!! LOVE it!!! He's had a phenomenal  year...and its panning out for him!! Kinda nice his wife won Female vocalist!! And Brad and Carrie as hosts...freakin perfect!! Seriously, they ever mess with that formula and there will be some pretty pissed off people!!! The best part about this year, aside from it being in my dvr and being able to fast forward thru performances I could care less to see, was being able to fast forward thru all the crap and watch what I wanna watch!! LOL It cut that 3 hour program in half!!

Now, I'm whupped, and VERY thankful we have no school for the next 5 days...tomorrow is a teacher training day...Friday is Remembrance Day and we don't have school on Mondays...NICE!!! I'll be leaving juice for the kids for sure!

Til next time...God bless!

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