Sunday, November 6, 2011

There's an App for that!

This morning's time change REALLY messed DJ up...he was up at 6:30 (the real one) and I was able to convince him to snuggle in and go back to sleep...he did...for an hour...then he was WIDE awake! Howie got up with the kids and I told him to wake me at 9, which was GLORIOUS!!!! I think the time change should happen every weekend! I actually got that extra hour of sleep!

With the time change, we were actually at church early again...might be because of Howie tho really, he's such a ball buster about leaving on time! lol Service was good...and we had a new experience...two boys from DJ's Awana class were in our row, so he didn't even sit with us...and behaved relatively well!! It was very different! And nice!!! After service we headed to costco...what a NUTHOUSE!!! We were going to do lunch there, but the lines for that were ridiculous! Thankfully we'd all sampled thru the store and I gave the kids each a cheese stick on the way home. They begged for McD's but I wasn't in the mood for that for them, so we went home and made our lunch.

The afternoon got away from us with no particular reason...I took the kids and dogs to the park and we played for a while. Then at 5 DJ asked for a bath, and I had no reason not to, so they both got bathed and enjoyed their bath time since there was no rush for bed time. They also got to wear pj's to dinner...quite the phenomenon! No sense putting dirty clothes back on them...or putting clean ones on for an hour or pj's it was!!! 

Dinner was quite lovely too...and NO ONE squawked at the squash....Sam ate every last bit with no fuss whatsoever!!! YES!!!!!! Of course she wasn't raving over it, but she also wasn't crying/fighting/whining about it! Ahhh the sweet sound of progress!  After dinner the kids played while I ran to the shed to see what today's haul a few goodies and came home. I really don't like being out there in the dark like that! And the kids didn't want to come with me...they were too busy playing on the computer.

They were both in bed shortly after 8 and went to sleep very quickly!! Howie went pretty much as soon as they did and I got to watch Amazing Race...which I'll admit, today I watched only to see who got I wasn't pay much attention (the phone got me!) and then I watched Once Upon A Time and since I wanted to actually see it, I put the phone down!! lol Now, I'm about to go watch The Good Wife. Wish I had some motivation to knit...most times I'm just too darn cold!! Wonder if there's an app for that!?!??! LMAO

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. There probably is an app for that!!! Girl, I am NUTS over my iPhone 4S. And I've had a version of iphone for over two years. I think it's imbedded in my hand! HA.
    I only watch Survivor, Amazing Race, Grey's, Biggest Loser, and Hawaii Five-O. I think you kick my behind in tv watching! HA.


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