Saturday, November 19, 2011

All Talked Out

Something my dad would know nothing of!! Ha!

This morning was almost a disaster! I woke up sandwiched between the I checked the clock....I'd shut the alarm off...and it was 7:20...time to get DJ moving. So we debated on who was taking him to school...I won! Or lost, however you wanna see it!! lol

When I got home Howie was up and being with SamSam..,so while he got ready for work I made us breakfast Samantha had already eaten...I got her set up before DJ and I left at 8:03'n what a difference having one kid to cost up makes! After Howie left for work, Samantha and I snuggled and watched tv. Nothing else to do realty, so we enjoyed ourselves and had about 68547942 pees. I wish her bladder would kick in!

After lunch she and I headed to town for recess duty. When I got there we hustled in, only to find out that the schedule had at the time we were to be heading out, they were coming back in. And they were headed across the street to the church to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!! Samantha and I joined them!! Til I got sent back to the school to fill backpacks! That was the most tedious job yet!!

From the school we went to drop off an Acon order..,then to get se gads and then to the shed for a specialty glean. Then we raced home do I could pack up the last of the demos I'd need for tonite.

Tonite was the Purchase with a Purpose for the Uganda trip next summer. I got home about 10:45 and just wanted to veg!!! In fact I keep falling asleep while typing this on my phone....narcaleptic style!!

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