Thursday, November 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn

This morning was going so smoothly til we were on our way to ballet and I realized, that while SamSam was in her outfit, we'd forgotten her slippers. I asked if she'd be ok without them and she said no, so we turned around to get them. And that move right there cost us being on time...bugger! Not sure she even noticed the difference in teachers...Miss Rachel is in Arizona for the holiday and we had Miss Jessie. It was a different class for sure!! But Samantha enjoyed it nonetheless!! DJ enjoyed hanging out with Jaxon too, Delaney's brother. He had my phone as Jaxon had a DS and DJ was feeling left out. I let him play Angry Birds and he was showing Jaxon how to do it. It was funny! Especially as I don't let him play!!

After class we dropped off a book to one oft regular customers and then headed to the bank. There was no pizza to pick up anywhere...rather off this close to a holiday, but it gave ilus time to hit the dollar store up. I love how clueless the kids were when I was putting stocking stuffers in the cart. Works for me!!

Lunch was next when we got home and within minutes if their last bite they were begging for the craft I'd promised we'd do. Making Christmas ornaments, some we painted and some we baked. The painting ones were first..,and totally kid done!! The baked ones were mostly mommy done! They were much harder than they seemed! I did get LOTS of instruction tho!! :) Now that they're done, they don't want to give them away! Hahaha They each took off for next door about 5 mins into the baking process...which was more than fine with me! Less stressful for me!! Nor to mention quieter!! Once they were in the oven, I got started on dinner. With no Awana tonite, we had a lovely sketti dinner!! And those kids came home hungry!!!! Love it when that happens!! We were all done in 22 minutes!! A new record for sure!!!

The timing was perfect for me as I was headed out to the movies with a g/f of mine. She got me hooked on this series, maybe you've heard of it...Twilight...yeah, it's all her fault!! And since we've seen all the other ones together, it was a no brainer who I was going with!! We did have plans for last Sunday, but she wasn't feeling well, so we postponed it to today as it would. be a couple weeks if it wasn't today!!

I completely enjoyed it!!!! Like I said to Howie and on fb, it was WAY better than my imagination saw it as I was reading it!!! I do hate that they broke it up and made it two parts!! AND that they're a year apart in viewing!!!! Why?!? It's already filmed!!! Argh ! And besides, I would have gladly say there for another 2 hours!! Easy!!!

I got home just before 11, and got Howie 's coffee ready for tomorrow. And then I watched Modern Family which had me lol'ing for real!! So did Happy Endings!! Revenge was juicy tonite!!! But now I'm off to la la land!!

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