Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday

Something about Black Friday excites me!! Is it the proximity of Christmas!?!?  The ads?!?!?! The deals!?!?! I don't know, but like an addict looks for its drug, Black Friday is my drug!!!

Of course, I'm not THAT addicted that I'm out there at midnite or 5 am for the store opening...oh hell no!!! I finally figured it out...go at 10 still get the same deal and there's WAY less people idiots in your way!!!

So after a nice breakfast with the kiddos, we got dressed and headed to Freddy's for some Black Friday shopping. I had a tentative list...if I got it, great, if not, that's okay too! Of everything on my list...I got it!! Having the kids with me was less of a challenge than I thought it would be...I just told them we were shopping for other people...and they bought it, hook, line and sinker! Even the Angry Birds t-shirt I got for DJ! He picked it out even!!! I got the kids two pair of pj's each, no question about them from either one! I got a set of legos for DJ and he never said a word! Are they oblivious, or just that trusting!?!? lol

We got outta there just after 11...I think my receipt says 11:01 or something like that. The lines were ridiculous, but if you go into it expecting it to take longer to check out than it did to shop, it goes by quicker! lol From Fred we went to Ben...I had a coupon (yet another drug) for 40% off one item...and I'm REALLY good at going in for just that one item!! Which I did!!

Oh, while I was trying to decide on what yarn, my children were wandering the store and came back to me with a fake rock...I had NO clue where they got it from, so told them to return it! They didn't come back, so I went in search of them and found them one aisle over looking at the aquariums. (can someone tell me WHY aquariums are in a CRAFT store!??!?!?!) and then DJ says to me "Look mom, I got a fish!!!!" and opens his palm to show me a complete shock I tell him to return it to the water and wait breathlessly for the fish to start swimming....which it did!! YIKES!!!!!! That would/could have been traumatic...more for me than him I'm sure!! lol  What a kid!!! As we were walking away (oh yes, we had an audience of one) he says to me "that fish was really easy to catch!"  Spoken like a true fisherman!!! LMAO

We head for home after Ben and get lunch on the go. As soon as slowpoke Sam was done her lunch they were off to see if Jessica was home...she was, and they brought her back! The 3 of them played downstairs for a bit, and then came up to colour a bit before going over to her house...and then back here. It's been a while since they'd seen each other and they were getting along great! Meanwhile, I was wrastling the carcass of a turkey we ate yesterday!! Yes, I saved it from the garbage!!! I made an AWESOME turkey noodle soup!! Big HUGE stock pot full of it!!! What I thought was too much water (something like 24 cups!) was actually not enough! But it'll do! Quite the hearty soup!! Since I was in a domestic mood, I tried my hand at sugar free caramel corn....should have stopped at the soup!! lol I ruined it by tripling the "sauce" for a doubled recipe and it went soggy first and then baked hard as a rock! Next time I'll skip the salt too! Howie didn't like it one bit! Not sure he's a fan of molasses tho, so that might be the problem! 

After dinner (which was pancakes, not soup!) I bathed the kids and we snuggled to watch a movie....which I should know better than to judge a movie by its picture! The title was A Golden Christmas with 3 little Retriever pups on the front.....they didn't show up til the very end of the movie...which the kids didn't see  cuz they were in bed. I kept wanting to change it for them and put a more kid appropriate movie on (It was a Hallmark type movie) but they wanted to watch this one. So we did! Howie got home and that ended movie time with them! Off to bed they went!

Howie had soup while I read to the kids (he LOVED it!) and then we tucked them in and he went downstairs to work on his fishing stuff and I watched the rest of the movie, which is how I know the pups weren't til the end.  It was a corny movie to begin with! Then I picked Gnomeo and Juliet....watched maybe 20 minutes of it and decided I really didn't need to watch the other hour of it!! No thanks! So I'm 0 for 2 in the movie department tonite!!  So I flip thru the netflix queue and find "One Week" and it looks interesting...yeah, it wasn't! But it was set in Canada, so I enjoyed the scenery. That's about it. I HATE that Netflix doesn't have closed captioning! It's my one beef with them!! I loathe watching movies without subtitles so I can know what's being said instead of creating a dialogue from what I think I'm hearing!

Thankfully it was a 94 minute movie, and I shut the xBox off! I finished the movie I started last nite in the dvr...fell asleep with a half hour to go while watching it. Again the acting was terrible, but it was on a book I'd read YEARS ago!! And I wanted to see how it ended. Man I'm striking out in the movies this weekend!! Who knows what tomorrow will bring!! But for right now, its sleep!!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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