Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Me and My Girl

This morning Sam was up to pee around 6:30 and came back to bed with me, which is SO different than when DJ comes to bed...she likes her space, and I'm not to touch her (sounds familiar) and DJ, well, he's a glove...a very warm glove!! So we all got up about 8:30 which was nice and did the breakfast thing after promising the kids we would go to the zoo next week...they were BEGGING!! With tears even!! But DJ has no school next week for Thanksgiving week, so we'll pick a day and go then! That seemed to placate them! And we made a plan for them to earn money to go on the merry go round....they're gonna make me go broke here! LOL

After breakfast DJ asked to go next door...and got sent home for a bit...I noticed two of the boys outside a half hour later and DJ was out there super fast to play with them! He was allowed to stay behind with the boys while Sam and I went to the shed to do the books. She had her Strawberry movie on and I had Pandora on on my phone! Got the work done and headed home for lunch. DJ didn't want to come home in case he couldn't go back lol, but Lara sent him home and he ate and went right back. Apparently they played and watched Snow White...we watched Diego and Dora here....as per Princess SamSam's requests!

Howie came home as I was giving Sam a bubble bath, she's really getting into those now! And her skin looks almost perfect again! Whew! After her bath we got started with dinner and we were actually done by 6:30!! First time on a Monday since the middle of September as we no longer have football for DJ! Nice!!! So he got a bath after dinner and they were ready for bed shortly after 8...but with book reading, talking, snuggling, and prayers it was close to 9 when I came out of DJ's room...at which point Howie went to bed! I got his lunch ready and DJ's lunch sorta ready, he can finish it up in the morning...he likes doing that. I also made us eggamuffins for the ride to school...we were to have a play date after dropping him off, but plans changed since making them...that's okay with me too as it's an Avon day anyway!

So once my chores were done I sat and watched tv a spell...HIMYM was sad...and funny, but more sad than anything. 2 Broke Girls was funny!! Max really is the new Alice from that diner in the 70's! lol 2.5 Men was funny as I didn't see the dream sequence coming. And Mike & Molly was good. But Hart of Dixie was the best tonite!! Gosh I love those accents...maybe Jake will go to a 'Bama school and we can follow him...I can dream! LOL

Til next time...God bless!

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