Monday, November 21, 2011

If it wasn't for my neck

My head would NOT be attached today!!!  OY!

Howie got up with the kids around 7 and that meant I could sleep in til 8:30 ish and get up to shower for the day. While I was showering, Howie was loading up my Avon stuff into the car so I could just leave from church to go Avoning. Once I was dressed, I got SamSam dressed in a dress we talked about on Thursday when she picked out a dress for the football party...and she let me do pretty braids in her I did two small ones and joined them in the back like a wreath on her head...I just love this on her!!

We got to church with PLENTY of time to spare today...a first! Since we took two vehicles, and I needed to stop and get cash for the sitter, Sam was already in her class, and Howie and DJ were waiting for me in the sanctuary. We didn't have regular seating, as they had their annual Thanksgiving dinner last nite (we missed it obviously) and the tables were still up from that. DJ was a pill for the most is it if he misses a week that he becomes this hellion in church?? Not fair! I ended up with him in lap for the most part just to be able to silence him if needed. When church was done, we went our separate ways...them for home and me for Lynnwood.

I arrived at the dance captain's house (Morgin) to have lunch, and then start sorting out the orders for the fundraiser...8 boxes worth!! On my way to her house I realized I'd forgotten to grab the extra books from the back of  the truck *slap forehead* so I called a local DSM and asked if she had books, she did, but wasn't home ARGH! I decided I could possibly fake it, and just give out books to the girls' moms instead of everyone. Ok, doable...

Then as we're bringing in the boxes I realize I don't have the invoices to actually separate the orders into *SLAP forehead* so we bring them in and set them on the table and I make promises to come back tomorrow WITH the proper paperwork. Its then, that I realize that I've forgotten the prize for the top seller *SLAP FOREHEAD* and I'm ready for a stiff drink! Geez!!! Who's running this Mickey Mouse operation!?!?!

So, I leave there and head over to Jake's house to get his phone bill money...but I have an ulterior motive...his mom has a new puppy and I wanted to meet her something fierce!!!!! She's a black lab and 8 weeks old...what an absolute doll!! I do NOT miss puppy teeth!! ha! She's doing well on the potty training too...could probably teach Belle a thing or two! THEN I go about my Avoning and get side tracked with a couple of my fave people that I haven't actually seen in a while...that was nice to catch up with them! Introduced them both to Norwex too! :)

I got home about 5:30 and was very happy to see both children were still alive...but unhappy to see they hadn't cleaned up their mess downstairs yet. So after dinner (and our chat with mom and dad) I went down (spatula in hand) to supervise their cleaning up. Took about 40 minutes, but they got it done! I'm seriously thinking they don't need any more toys!!! Honestly! Might be revising the lists a bit...

Once they were in bed, Howie went too! Back to the grind tomorrow...and he got two new books from a friend and was anxious to dive into one of them. So, I watched the AMA's on my own...thank God for the fast forward button! Most of what they call "music" not listenable! I can't stand it! I'm getting old!! Wil. I. Am.'s performance left me scratching my head...til the new craze LMFAO (yes, it's a group's name) came out and did two songs that had my jaw on the ground!! If I never see them again, I'll be lucky!! Congrats to Taylor Swift for winning Artist of the Year...quite the honour for country music!! She's earned it tho!!

Then I watched Amazing Race which had me belly laughing...they had to do the Muscles in Brussels challenge....that was FUNNY!!!!!! Kudos to the women for putting those bikini's on!! I'm sure I would have had a fit doing that challenge! The Good Wife was GOOD!!!! Dang!!! 

Til next time...God bless!

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