Monday, November 14, 2011

All Zoo'd out!

This morning Sam woke up her happy self! When I checked on her last nite she was burning up again...she woke briefly, smiled, brought my face in for kiss (bad breath and all) and a quick hug before going back to sleep! But, because she was fevered, and it hasn't been 24 hours we didn't go to need to get the other kids in the class sick with whatever bug she's carrying.

As we were eating breakfast we looked at the calendar from the zoo that came in the mail...talked about each animal and I suggested we go to the zoo for the day....they both jumped all over that!!!! Ate breakfast lightning dressed (thermals and all) and were waiting on me!!! I packed a quick lunch...cheese, crackers, turkey, and other easy things to grab and we were gone!

We got to the zoo around noon and headed right in...first up right thru the gate, penguins!!! And people were feeding them, so we watched. Then hit up the bathroom so we could do some serious walking....all the way to eat lunch! lol Since it was 12:30, the kids wanted to eat (not that they can tell time, mind you) so we headed to the cafeteria and found a table to eat at. The last time we were there, it was crazy busy! Today, half the tables were empty...kinda nice!

After eating we got started...first up was the jaguars, and one was in the "cave" cleaning itself and the other was pacing around the open area...those things are HUGE kitty cats!!!!! WOW! So thankful for the 3 inch glass between us! Then we saw some monkeys, but somehow skipped the gorillas...which DJ wanted to see badly. Next up was the Family Farm (slight detour on the way to Africa) and got to see pigs, cows, goats, donkeys, and sheep...which the kids enjoy even tho we drive by half of them every day on the was to town, but I was following their lead. Next up was the African Savanna, which on the cool, windy day like today, didn't hold much action!! They were hiding somewhere! We did enjoy walking around the village tho and I explained to the kids that the one room they were in, was a WHOLE house! Not sure they got it! lol

In any case, the hippos were actually moving around and snorting water in our general direction! They really are a massive animal!!! I think I could out run one if need be...maybe! The giraffes were playful today, and Sam was thrilled as this was her animal of choice to see. They were in their pen area and not in the "savanna" area.  The lions were waiting on food, and very attentive (again VERY thankful for that glass!!) and it was neat to see them so alert. Most times they're basking in the sun when we go. The wild dogs were busy sleeping and keeping warm, so they weren't much to look at...altho, they're much bigger than I thought they'd be up close.

Next was the elephant barn....and one of the elephants, Bamboo, had just finished painting a  picture, but we did get to see her eat a whole pumpkin! She grabbed it, stomped on it and tore it up with her truck....SO wild to see!!! She was also playing with the handlers, and showing them the bottom of her foot. We learned a lot about her, she's 42 years old, and should live to about 60...she's been with this zoo for 40 years now...and some of handlers have been with her for over 25 years! She doesn't get along with the Chinese elephant, Chai, so they keep them separated. lol The kids enjoyed watching her as much as I did! We moved on to the monkeys and saw some Siamangs, one of which came right up to DJ at the glass window and just sat and stared at both of them...quite funny! Got some good pix of that!

Then we hiked up to the Northern Trail and saw two porcupines (naming them Oliver and  Molly doesn't make me think they're cute!) eating some leaves. Then spotted the gray (they were white) wolves and counted 4 of them...they were playful too! Then my fave, the one I wanted to see...the brown bears!! There were two of them and we sat waiting for them to come to the water area...they kept teasing us! But then they came right over to the water's edge and were looking above our sheltered area...then the fish went crazy in the water (they were being fed) and that was just the temptation the bears needed to try their hand at some food. Oh, I got some great pix! And even a video of one of them fishing!! Again, so incredibly grateful for that glass between us and the bears!!! For sure! The otters right next door were quite playful and Sam enjoyed watching them! We also had a snack in the shelter as there was a bench to sit on for me.

We hiked it back to the penguins and used the bathroom again before heading to the Zoomasium...and indoor playing place for the kids. We got there and there was a sign on the door saying they were closed at 3:30 and it was already 3:45...oops! So we went in search of the gorillas instead...and found none. DJ got mad at me saying we were too late! ha! As we headed out we stopped to see the penguins again, and the gal was feeding them...what a frenzy!! And quite funny to watch too! She'd offer a fish, and they'd smell it first, if the liked it, they'd eat it...otherwise it would shake its head and wait for a different one...picky eaters!!!

By the time we were headed back to the car, Sam was in full meltdown mode!! Poor girl! The whole ride home I kept waiting for her (and him) to fall asleep, but neither did...and then it got to the point where it was too late for them to catch some z's without it ruining bed we sang songs to stay awake...and yes, Christmas songs too!!! Anything! We got home and Howie was waiting for us and to make dinner...he'd spent the day helping a friend get some new lights in their kitchen, which is why he wasn't with us at the zoo!

After dinner the kids snuggled a bit and then went to bed without one minute of fight! They were TIRED!!!! As am I! But I did enjoy some prime time telly...Desperate Housewives (I totally forgot that I missed last week and was a little thrown!) and then Once Upon A Time, which is still SO good!!! And then the Good Wife, which was ho hum, but laying ground work for future episodes, I can see that. Then Amazing Race...amazing how the wrong directions can cost you the game!! I still don't have a fave for who I want to win this season either!

Til next time...God bless!

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