Saturday, November 5, 2011

the Other Mrs Hughes

I woke up this morning with a body next to me....had to feel around and see which body, was DJ. So I got up and went to the bathroom like most normal people do when they wake up...only Howie had stolen the toilet I sent him a message via i.m. and no response (I heard him out talking to DJ, who I tried calling for help when he woke) so I tried calling him on his was on vibrate...finally he saw my plea and helped me out! Sheesh!!! We were down to the very last roll in the house, thank God today was grocery day!!

Howie took DJ to school and came back...meanwhile Sam and I had breakfast and got ready to go shopping...she wanted to come with me and since its only her, she came! We did some Avon book dropping on the way and then finally got to Freddy's about 10:30. Had a few exchanges to make and one return and that ate up a bunch of time (I hate waiting in line!) and then we got started on the shopping. Oh when we first walked in we spotted a friend of mine and her daughter, so we chatted a bit til Sam's uber small bladder kicked in! Then when we were checking out I ended up behind another friend in line, and our neighbours showed up, so we chatted a bit with her too! Busy place!

We were cutting it short for time with all our butterflying...and made it home at 1 pm....we needed to leave at 1:20 to get to school for recess duty...yikes! I'd called ahead and Howie make Sam's lunch, so she started eating right away...I made mine, ate and then we were on the road...exactly 1:21...not too shabby! Got to school and signed in and waited for the kids, whew! After recess I checked in with Mrs Hughes and she had some cut outs for me to do...which took the whole 50 minutes too! My poor fingers have scissor bruises! They don't have crafting scissors and this was really thick paper...OUCH!  Since it was also Avon day, I'd brought it all with me as one of my clients (a parent at the school) had ordered slippers and they came in, so she followed me out to the truck and got them. Then we did one delivery while in town and headed for home.

There is an antique store going out of business on Main used to be the first bank, way back in the early 1900's...and they still have the vault in the store, which was kind of wild to step into such history! In any case, the whole place was on serious reductions....I scored a bunch of stuff for 10.00 and I'm quite happy! Got another milk pitcher for the kids to pour their own first one I got 6 mos ago is a huge hit, so now when its in the washer, we have a back up! I also got DJ a "treasure" box for Christmas...he's always wanting a special place for his "stuff" like what SamSam has, so this will do nicely! 

After that we went to the dollar store for some necessities...with the lack of toilet paper, we depleted the tissue supply....yikes! Can't have that! We're one of the few homes where there are 6 open boxes throughout the house...Americans aren't big on tissues for whatever reason...and I find it odd! We finally got home just before 5 and the kids stayed out to play with the boys next door. Sam was the first back in just before 6 and she was a popsicle...or a Samsicle! Dinner was on the slow side due to the chicken not thawing fast enough and the squash not cooking quick enough...but it sure was tasty!!

Sam had managed to get the piece of gum she was chewing everywhere BUT the garbage...we cleaned up her hands with rubbing alcohol, but it wasn't til we were just about to sit that I discovered it in her hair....never had this before. It brought back memories of my childhood and the smell of turpentine for my I asked my village (facebook) and learned peanut butter will do the trick. So while she was on her last few bites, I took a toothbrush full of peanut butter and brushed it on and rubbed it in...and combed it right out! I was amazed at how easy that was! Of course, now she needed a bath, so off we went! Howie's solution, and I quote, "Just cut it out, its only a little bit" which would have been a clump near her ear, and about 3 inches worth of hair...NOT happening! Thank you village!!

The kids went to bed shortly after 8 and went quickly for the most part...Howie was watching Wipeout rerun, so I watched with him til he went to bed at 9. Then I watched last Sunday's Once Upon A Time and rather enjoyed it! Even if it is a bit on the dark side. I still have Grimm to watch, and now have two of them to catch up on. I then chose Psych, which is such a great show!!! I just love it! Their references to things just crack me up! Then I watched Blue Bloods...but fell asleep for a half hour of it til DJ woke me up...we snuggled a bit on the chair til he went back to sleep and I carried him to bed. Now its my turn! AND there's no football game in the morning...YAY!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I really need to hit an antique shop like that! I definitely need to check out some photograph worthy stuff!

    So glad that peanut butter worked. Isn't Facebook awesome?? What would we have done back in the day.

    Love the new pics of DJ and Sam on your sidebar. I'm finally on a BIG computer (not my phone) and can see them. TOO CUTE!


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