Saturday, November 19, 2011


This morning I got to sleep in til a glorious 10 o'clock!!! I don't even remember the last time that happened!! The kids came in to see if I was getting up for the day lol I did!

Everyone had already eaten but the kids had forgotten I got them a new cereal...Kix...and so the had aid morning bowl if cereal and loved it!!! This is awesome as the sugar count is really low!! And of course Miss Samantha had me share my eggs with her.

While I got food ready to go, Howie went and showered up and got ready to go. The goal was to leave at noon and we were pretty darn close!! 12:02 and I only forgot one thing! Two cans of pop for us...and Howie wouldn't turn back even tho we were just out of the driveway!! Buggar!

The quarter final game was in Camad, which is WAY down south...on the Oregon border...almost 4 hours driving. But traffic was actually pretty good and we did it in 3 and a half! Which gave us time to find a Starbucks and a subway for food. We got back to the stadium with 47 minutes til game time and I was frozen within 5 minutes!! We had a slight breeze in back of us that was chilling. The game started and we could warm up a bit with all our cheering and foot stomping. Without that I'd have been an ice statue!!

The game, well it sucked!!! Big time! The refs were local and I have a real big beef with that!! Their bias was so obvious it was disgusting!!! And very unfair!! Couple that with some serious mistakes on our part and it makes for a bad game!! The final score was 40 to zip. Such a tough loss!! It's one thing go lose, but entirely another to get shut out like that!! There were a lot of tears in the dressing room! After all, for most of the seniors it was their last game if football ever! Sure, a few will go on to play college ball, but most won't. That's a tough realization!!

We are currently in our way home to the babies who are sleeping soundly in their beds!! I talked to DJ after his bath and SamSam was already out. It's been a LONG day!! I'm ready to make love to my pillows!!! :)

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