Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Man, was it COLD this morning!!

I have discovered the one thing worse than waking up before the alarm...

Waking up before the heat comes on in the morning!!!! Man, that was chilly!!

DJ came into bed with me a 6:50 (about 2 seconds after I woke up on my own) and told me to roll over so he could share my pillow and get warm! ha! Thankfully his feet weren't icicles!! So we snuggled til 7:10 and then got up to get dressed. Sam didn't want DJ to wake her, so she stayed in bed til I came to get her up....cute! Then we did breakfast and out the door we went!!

ON TIME!!!!! Yes!!! If I can judge a week by the first day of school, then it's gonna be a good week!! We even had a few minutes to spare at school, but DJ wanted to walk in on his own...I let him....watching him walk off into the school makes him SO much older than the 5 year old I know! From there, Sam and I went to wait for the bank to open and then head home.

The morning was full of Norwex, Blake Shelton ticket buying with my g/f Pearl, and Avon ordering! Before I knew it, it was noon and time to start thinking about lunch! Sam was specific in what she piece of toast with Nutella on it, green beans and cheese...odd combo! But she was happy and that makes me happy! After lunch we headed to the Heide's...their girls have been our babysitters of late and Kay (the mom) had some apples for us to glean from...AND she was loaning me her win for me!! And Sam just loves going there! Granted, we've never been in the day light hours, so she was super impressed with the chickens, horses, and play ground!! She and Kay's youngest played for a bit while we chatted (mom, she's got a cellar about double what Sunderland had!! Quite nice!) and then we got our coats on and headed over to where the apples were...there were about 8 boxes to pick thru and most of them were rotting or rotten...I did manage to find 47 apples!! Enough to get my started that's for darn sure!

Then we went to the shed to get the books and put the new books on the shelves....Sam had Apunzel to keep her company and I got right to it! I'd forgotten my phone, so it wasn't til I got home that I saw Howie called to see if he was picking DJ up...glad he did! They came home with in 10 minutes of our arrival! I got busy doing dishes and cleaning apples and thawing hamburger meat for patties. Oh and I washed the dehydrator in the bath tub while Howie dried for me....that was a chore!!

Before dinner was started I got two trays of bananas in there...and after dinner I got two trays of apples in there...the hum of it is making me very sleepy while I sit here! And the heat from it (all of 135 degrees) is keeping the chill at bay here in the computer area...would it be wrong to bring it into the bedroom to help heat the room up!??!! lol  After dinner the kids played a bit and then it was bed time...DJ had played outside after school til dinner, so he was tuckered! I read to both of them and then we tucked them in.

Howie was watching tv while I got lunches and coffee ready...he quit chewing tobacco today and its been edgy to say the least...snappy is more like it! But I'm very proud of him for doing this!!! It's been a long time coming and I'm glad to be done with that smell! Cold turkey is no way to go, but he's doing it and survived the first day! Once he was in bed and my chores complete, I sat and watched tv...first up was Glee...which is gettin dicey in the baby drama!! And the diva drama!!! Love it!  Then was Raising Hope which was funny!! Very comical tonite! Then Parenthood, which was a lil close to home in the whole family fun nite drama...and how post partum baby fog is hard to shake! Still good tho!

Now I must go crawl into bed before the house freezes me to death!!! Arizona sure sounds nice this time of year....

Til next time...God bless!

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