Friday, November 4, 2011

The Princess

And The Pea Razor Blades

That was me today...only I didn't know the pea was an actual razor blade...go figure!

This morning I woke up sort of DJ beside me and the door was closed...two very odd things! So I got up and got dressed, but left Belle in the crate to investigate. Turns out Howie was home as he wasn't feeling well...and DJ had been up since 6:30, but Howie made him lay on the couch...yet still gave him cookies....whatta dad!!

I'd made DJ an eggamuffin last nite for his breakfast as I knew Sam and I were coming right home with no stops, but since Howie was here, he took him to school instead....fine by me! Sam and I enjoyed  breakfast while he was gone. He came home and went right back to bed for a few hours. Now, most times when he's home on a work day I struggle to keep it quiet for him...not today...Sam was fantastic!!! She wouldn't snuggle with me tho no matter how nice I asked!! It wasn't til I got a blanket on me while sitting in my chair that she came over finally...even then it lasted 30 seconds! I'd already told her that she was having a bath today and so she decided that it was happening now, not later! She loves play baths and during the day, she can get as pruny as she'd like! lol

While she was in the water Howie got up and said we were ripping carpet we did! Or rather, he did and I carried the foul stuff outside!! When he pulled up the underlay he found 3 razor blades from some seriously lazy workers!! I knew I'd felt things under there...happens when you're barefoot a lot!  Then I had the task of pulling the staples out...and then vacuuming them up...we did break for lunch and then finished the whole living room done! Belle likes it and hates it....she likes how the balls bounce and she can pretty much play fetch by herself...but with that inch gone, her ball rolls under things it didn't used to before. And for sleeping, she's in the hall right now, where the carpet is! Peeing, she hasn't done that inside yet (and I think we're going on day 10 with maybe 3 pee accidents) but she did poop earlier behind Howie's chair GRRRR  The smell is SOOOOOO different in here now!!!! I lit a candle and you could actually smell it thru the whole house!!!! It was awesome!!! And when I sat in the chair tonite after the kids went to bed, I wasn't repulsed!!! Finally!!

Howie went to bed shortly after the kids did...and I got to watch BBT (oh my stars that was funny!) and Rules of Engagement (meh) and Whitney (this one is getting funnier and funnier, I also like how it's old school and filmed in front of a live audience!) and then Grey's (kinda nice to go down memory lane and remember George and Izzie! and the heart in the box thing was kinda freaky!) and then Private Practice (kinda disturbing...and I'm over Addison and her therapy sessions...) I also got to watch Survivor while everyone was at football practice...what a glorious 2 hours that was!! Sam asked to go with Howie and he couldn't think of a reason for her not Then within minutes she found the puddle and they sat in the truck for the rest of practice. I thoroughly enjoyed my completely uninterrupted shower...*ahhhhh*

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. What a productive sick day! I can't wait until we get our carpet replaced. Amazing all the stuff it holds (razor blades!).

    I couldn't believe Survivor. Poor Ozzy! Still not a big fan of smarmy coach. Lol!


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