Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I really can tell

When I don't take the vitamins....but it isn't til much later in the day that I realize my error!!! :(

Last nite, after a busy day and evening (I sorted a 1200.00 Avon order with my g/f for a fundraiser we did for her daughter's dance team) I got home and made Howie's lunch before sitting to veg. I was even too tired to knit!!! Then DJ came out at 12:30 and snuggled with me in my thing I knew, it was 1:30!!! Oops!! Got him back in bed and then went to bed myself!

This morning I woke up to THREE kids! No, we didn't secretly have another one...DJ had a sleepover and Kristopher actually stayed the whole nite!! First time in a long time!! However, the boys went to sleep about 10:30 (10 minutes before I got home) and were up at 7:30!!! Sam got up just after 8 and I got up when they were "starving" and we all had breakfast.  Then the three musketeers went downstairs to play after getting dressed. Sam stayed behind a bit to see the new clothes I'd gotten from a g/f of mine who's daughter out grew them. A big pile of "now" clothes, a box of "later" clothes and a box of "really later" clothes!! She was oohing and ahhing all over the place!! Well, more like WOWing and gasping!! It was cute! She's definitely a shoe horse too...there were two pair  of shoes to grow into and a pair of tinkerbell slippers which she put on right away! And the novelty apron! Go figure! It's now hanging in the pantry for when she needs it....heaven help me!

After 11 I sent K home so we could go grocery shopping...the boys tried their hardest to make it so DJ could stay behind and play, but Lara had errands to run this aft too and I knew we'd be gone all afternoon. And we were!! We headed to Sultan first to drop Avon books at the pizza place I leave them at...and then by request, dropped one at the Sultan P.D. as I'd gotten a call earlier this week (and an order!) from an officer and she wanted the current book....SWEET!!  When she suggested coming to pick up her orders whenever they came in, I fully supported having some police presence at my home! *chuckles* She even knew my street when I told her as we have a "regular" on our street that is always causing trouble!!!

Then we headed to the bank and Goodwill before heading to Costco to do the shopping...I knew going two days before Thanksgiving would be crazy, so I put my patience hat on...and it worked!! The guy honking his horn at me while I was waiting for a prime parking spot, he forgot his today!!! Idiot!  We did lunch there too, and ate before we did the shopping. All told, we were in there for 2 hours!!!! Oh, and DJ fell asleep about 10 minutes before we got there, so Sam and I let him sleep another 20 before waking him...but that wasn't included in my 2 hour total! The kids are VERY excited that we got our gingerbread house kit!! Me too!!!!! lol

After Costco we went to Freddy's, where again, I put on my patience hat...wish I'd remembered the kids' listening hats!! This trip was only an hour thankfully, and they were prepared and had ALL checkouts open which was good as I was able to check out quickly! Then we dashed back into the rain(oh yeah, did I forget to mention it's rained steadily for the past 24 hours...but I'm thankful it's not the "s" word, as that kind of down fall would be debilitating!! On our way home from Freddy's we made a couple Avon stops and a couple Norwex stops before FINALLY pulling into our driveway. Howie was already home and was able to help carry things in the house. I'd gotten a roasted chicken per DJ's request (cuz we haven't had it in "SO long") and that helped with the dinner madness and putting things away madness!!

Bath madness happened after dinner...ohhhhhhhhh but first let me tell you...while at Freddy's, I was picking out a butternut squash and DJ found a gold hubbard one and wanted it badly!! So I found a smaller one and we got it...and Sam wanted a  yellow squash, so we got a small spaghetti squash....hey, who am I to deny my children their squash!?!?!? Even if I'd never had them! I'm game! So it was decided that we'd have the "macaroni" squash (oh she cracks me up!) with our chicken and just for safe measure, we had broccoli too! I will say...the spaghetti squash is very different in the squash family! I'd go so far as to say it's the black sheep of the squash family! Not a smooth flesh at all!! Yet, you could twirl the strands like spaghetti and eat it....and with enough butter and salt, it was tasty!! If we do that one again (Sam FOUGHT eating it) I'd pick a smaller one...half of the one we ate was rather a bit much!

Sam fell asleep sitting with Howie while I was bathing she was easy to put to bed...DJ and I read a couple books and then he went to bed nicely...he was tired too! Howie and I watched X Factor for a bit til he went to bed...and then I missed the last 15 minutes of it as I was busy on the computer getting another fundraiser ready to go in tomorrow. I did get to sit for a bit and knit while watching last nite's Castle, which was good! Really good!!! And then I watched tonite's Parenthood...which was definitely a pre show for next week's drama!! DJ came out while I was making Howie's lunch and so I snuggled him a bit before putting him back in bed....and before blogging...peace out!

Til next time...God bless!

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