Monday, October 31, 2011

This weekend has been

VERY fast!! And for some reason, faster than most!

Yesterday we got up late (but still early!) for DJ's game, good thing I had breakfast all ready to heat n eat! Howie took DJ and I took he left all of 3 minutes before us and we arrived together...Howie's dad came and so did Jake...and my g/f Shirah came too! DJ had a mediocre game too, kind of a let down after the last couple weeks! It seemed like he was watchin the ball good til they changed hands and ran the play in the other direction and he lost track of it!

After the game Howie left us for work...and the 3 of us headed for home immediately! I had a Norwex show at 1pm and the sitter was coming for noon...and I needed to get myself presentable! Not an easy feat sometimes! In the end tho, I even had time to make the kids' lunches and have them start on them before I left! They were both very excited for Deborah to come....Sarah's sister....Sarah was busy with a previous engagement, so we used Deborah for the first time. I'd forgotten how much info needs to be exchanged to a new sitter!

The show went great!! Started late, but still got done and outta there by 3 which was my goal! Then I met up with an Avon client at my boyfriend's job, couldn't spend too much time with him as I needed to get home for the sitter to go. Her mom came to pick her up and we chatted a bit before they left. Then it was me n the kids til bedtime!! We did leftovers for dinner and then they each got a bath before going to bed. They were out pretty quickly too what with playing with Deborah all afternoon!! Howie got home about 9:30 and was in bed an hour later he was so tired! They had a Spooktacular event for families at the club and he got to work....he was kidded out!

This morning, we were actually AT church with 8 minutes to spare!!! Not sure we've ever done that before! I got up with the kids and Howie slept til just after 9 when I woke which point the kids were fed and dressed for church it was just us that needed to get ready. I found a pair of pants I hadn't worn in years in the closet and they were too big, but did the trick. Until we're sitting in service, I bend down to pick something up for the umpteenth time for DJ and the zipper pops....YIKES!!!! I knew the pants were old (probably 15 years or more) but dang!!!! I quickly walked to the bathroom and re-zipped them back up.

After church we went to Lowes...the kids' toilet handle broke yesterday and its the most used toilet in the house what with all that dog poop flushing! We also walked around the Christmas decorations and the kids were thrilled with that! Then we stopped at a new buffet place we've been talking about trying....and were VERY impressed!!! The food was really good!! They didn't have the kid staples, like mac n cheese or pizza so they had to branch out their palates today! AND they both LIKED what I put on their plates! Sweet n Sour chicken. Egg rolls. Honey Chicken. Yakisoba noodles. Beef n Broccoli. and a few other things! DJ was oh so close to trying some sushi, but at the last second said no....Sam wanted no part of that! lol Neither of them liked the desserts either...but loved their ice cream!!!

When we got home I got started on that I have the Norwex detergent again I wanted to do the kids sheets and blankets...especially Sam's! They helped me strip the beds which was new to them at we're usually doing it in the middle of the nite after an accident. They also tidied up the downstairs and did a good job...til after dinner when they went down there to play and messed it all up again...but the initial clean was what they needed to carve pumpkins. We still had DJ's field trip pumpkin and the 3 out in the garden to do. I have to say, the ones I grew were so amazing to work with!!! Soft flesh and smelled less pungent than the farm ones! DJ wanted scary faces again and Sam wanted happy I gave DJ a vampire one and an angry eye browed one. Sam got one with hearts for eyes and then one with stars for eyes...she was very pleased with my talent! LOL

Since none of us were really hungry for dinner even tho it was after 6, the kids and I headed to the shed to shop...good haul too! Howie and I had chatted before hand and he was going to light all the pumpkins up while we were was cute to hear the gasps in the backseat! We got in and the kids each had the sandwiches they picked out with half an apple as their dinner...oh and chips and hummus too! Howie and I were still not hungry...but I was downing the water!

Howie went to bed in between DJ falling asleep and Sam going to day off is not enough sometimes!! I got his lunch and coffee ready and then sat down and watched Amazing Race (today actually looked doable!) and then Desperate Housewives (laughable for the most part!!) and the Good Wife (which was good too!) and now I'm ready for bed. I didn't blog last nite as I fell asleep in my chair watching tv and when I woke just took myself to bed! Sorry about that! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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