Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When it rains

It POURS!!!!!

And today, I swear, I had such good timing too!!!

When we got up this morning it was raining...so we waited the morning out so it would subside a bit...ate our lunch and then headed to the shed to do the books....

Now, it's drying up when we leave...

We get to the shed (a whole 3 miles away) and it starts to pour rain!!!  Big drops too! What timing! I set the kids up with a movie and start doing the books and stacking them up at the entrance. By the time I'm done, the sun is shining....say what!??!  And the truck is almost completely dry!! So odd! I was only in there for 45 mins!!

We head home and continue with the laundry escapades. I also made more bagel chips as the ones I made yesterday completely disappeared!!! The kids LOVED them! This time I brought home either onion bagels or everything bagels...not too sure....but either way they're good and Sam approved!

Howie got home just in time to turn around and head back into town with DJ for his football practice while Sam and I stayed behind and got dinner and dessert ready. Tonite was hamburgers...I must toot my own horn here a bit and say, I'm getting REALLY good at making burgers...they're SO tasty! I swear Howie eats his in one bite it's gone so fast!!! And this beef is fantastic!!!  Quite impressed! 

DJ took FOREVER to eat and didn't get dessert...instead he got a bath since he missed out on Saturday's bath due to his fishing which didn't happen...and since tomorrow IS a school day, he got one tonite! Real easy to bathe one kid...in and out in 20 minutes! Even still, it was after 8:30 when I tucked him in for the last time!

I also called the dentist today about his teeth...he had that head on collision with Belle last week and his two front teeth on top are turning colour...which means they were knocked A LOT harder than we thought!! And they're dying...so we're having them looked at to see if they need to be pulled (Please God not that!) and to see if his adult teeth above were affected. Sheesh!!!

Speaking of teeth...did you know you're supposed to brush them for TWO minutes!?!?!?! At the kids' second dental visit one of them (Sam I think) got an hour glass timer....at first I thought it was for one minute and even that I had a hard time doing...but then I timed the timer (ironic no?) and turns out it was for 2 minutes. Then on the Bachelor Pad (of all places) the dentist dude said something about how everyone is to brush for 2 minutes and that just blew me away...but at the same time connected the dots with the hour glass timer. Well since then, I've implemented the 2 minute brushing rule...for myself and the kids (I'm never awake when Howie brushes his teeth) and it took me a bit, but we finally have it nailed down!! Sam doesn't like it when I count, but DJ wants to know the count so he can know when each section is done. And me? I have to say, my teeth have never felt better!!! AND I haven't had any bleeding when I floss either!!!! YAY me!!! The true test will be when I go for my next cleaning!! :D

Til next time...God bless!

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