Thursday, October 27, 2011

She bounces quick!!!

Just like that, this morning it was like she wasn't sick!! She reminded me, while half asleep no less, that she was allowed to have some crystal light today....yesterday was all about water, and she wanted some CL, but with her tummy, I told her to wait til today...she remembered that and wanted it NOW!! We woke up late, so breakfast was on the go! Then we got caught behind a bus that made two VERY long 40 second stops...then the train caught us in town...there was NO way I was gettin him to school on time! The golden window of opportunity lies between 8:06 am and 8:12 am...before that you hit the buses, and after that you get the train! ugh!

After dropping him off, Sam and I went to the post office to mail off a couple things...then the dentist next door to make the kids' appointment for a cleaning (the 5th in case I forget!) and then to SVEC to drop off books...which took A LOT longer than I anticipated! But we plowed thru it and got it done. I say we, but really mean me...Sam was no help at all!!! lol

From there we headed to the dance center to wait til it was our turn....she has very little patience!!! But she made it and was ADORABLE in her black swan outfit...even tho really, it was just her black tutu, body suit and red tights!! We don't have "princess" costumes, so she didn't have one to wear to dress up for halloween...and her monkey suit would have had her sweating up a storm!!! So I called her outfit "black swan" to make a joke, and they thought it was awesome! lol Who am I to let them down!??!  She thrilled in their new move...a twirl with her hands above her head...just excelled at it too!!

After dance we picked up pizzas and dropped them off at the shed before heading home for lunch...I made the grave mistake of trying to keep Sam awake on the way home...she was almost out cold too!When she was done eating she laid on the chair with a blanket (it was COLD today...even saw frost on the way to school) and no go for the nap!! So I got dinner on the stove and hopped in the shower before Howie got home. Tonite was a super early dinner as DJ had football pictures in town at 5:35...and then he met us at Awana and Howie came home to enjoy his 3 hours of peace and quiet!!

It was pj's and snack and then bed for the it was, it was still 9:17 when I closed DJ 's door for the second time! Then I got lunches and coffee ready for tomorrow before sitting down with a needle and thread to add patches to the kids' Awana vests...they either need to make the patches iron on or self stick somehow...they're extremely thick to sew on and hurt my fingies!! In any case, I got them done while watching Survior and Happy Endings. Then I watched Revenge...thoroughly enjoyed that one tonite!! Kinda creeped me out tho! And Belle instantly barking outside when I took her to potty scared me even more!! Hate when she does that!!! Then I got a scam phone call on the bat phone at 12:38!!! Who does that!?!?!

Til next time...God bless!

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