Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Edition

Happy October!!!!! Which is also, coincidentally, turn your heat on month!!! Which is just what I did!! Brrrrrrrrrr I'm tired of being cold already!!!

Saturday was a good at home day...Howie worked til 3:30 I think he said, and I was to wake him at 11, and both kids were SO worn out from the whole week, but mostly Friday, that they slept til after 9!!! I got up about 9:15 and Sam was laying on her floor just waking, DJ had woken up shortly after 8 but I told him to go watch tv...I found him sound asleep on the couch and the tv wasn't even on yet! He slept til almost 10!!! Sam and I had eaten breakfast when he finally rose....he was whupped!

Since it was a rainy gray day, the kids stayed in for the most part...and a new side effect of DJ going to school...they miss each other...and they play SO much better together now when they DO see each other! It was amazing to see really!!!

Oh, about 3:30 I popped out to go visit my boyfriend Ben...he was having a customer appreciation sale, and I did need a few things, AND I had that gift cert for I went! :) Had a lovely time looking at everything! Dreamed about things, in the end only bought 2 skeins of yarn, the rest of my purchases were trivial...sad eh? I also popped into Freddys' for a couple things and a movie. Couldn't find the one Howie wanted, so I drove to Albertsons to see if they had it, no luck...turns out, its just coming out on dvd this Tuesday, so we'll have to wait another month for it to hit Redbox. Instead, we got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1...which I was anxious to see!!

DJ had already had a shower in the afternoon with Howie, so after dinner I bathed Samantha and we go the kids in bed....with minimal fuss too considering they'd been inside all day. Then we put the movie, normally I'm of the opinion that the books is ALWAYS better than the movie...but I think this movie changed my mind!! It was phenomenal! Far better than the one that played out in my head while I was reading the book...loads better!! And I like that its two parts as they're able to do more detailed work from the book.

It also made for some freaky dreams too! I was flying everywhere!!!! So fun!!! lol This morning I woke up about 9, the kids and Howie were already up, so I got up and made us breakfast since Howie was leaving at 10 to go to the Seahawks game with Jake...he got tix from his mom and wanted Howie to go with they got to spend the day together! It was good for them! The kids and I went to church (which our pastor was too sick to attend, so we got to watch a video...) and then stopped at Freddy's to take the movie was then I decided to get the movie Rio for us to watch. We'd seen it in the theater last Christmas break, so I was more than happy to see it again...and really, for the kids, it was like the first time all over again!

We did lunch and then I had them each clean their rooms before we did the movie....we also invited K and C to come watch it with us, but they weren't home...about 15 minutes in, K came knocking on the door, so we started it over again. I'd put Belle in the crate for some downtime so she wouldn't bug the kids (or the popcorn) and it worked perfect! C came along about half way thru and they all enjoyed it!

I was getting dinner going when Howie came home, and since he'd never seen Rio, we put it on again...and he rather enjoyed it too! There are some rather funny biggest issue with it is the language...calling someone "stupid" is not nice (in our house) nor is saying "shut up" to someone when they're talking! And idiots isn't that nice either....but the songs and the colours are quite vibrant! I'll have to mull over whether santa is getting this for them or not...we'll see!

After dinner DJ and Belle were playing (it's a new game they've made up) and you know that saying "its all fun and games til someone gets poked in the eye"??? Tonite it wasn't the eye...they bonked heads, or rather, mouths and they were both a bit stunned. DJ came screaming/crying at me and Belle was trying to find somewhere to hide as she was hurting I got DJ in my lap, and Howie got Belle in his and we calmed them both down. DJ's two top front middle teeth were hit, and there was some blood in the gum line, and his lip was swelling up....not sure about Belle as Howie didn't we didn't brush teeth and instead gave a dose of Motrin to help with the pain. Kind of a somber bed time tonite.

But once they were in bed, we watched BBT from last Thursday...such a funny such a nerdy way too! Love it!! Then Howie went to bed and I watched Desperate Housewives and the Good Wife...both of them quite good!!!! And since there's no school tomorrow, I finally watched the Invitation Only by Trace Adkins that CMT hosted a while back...I was smart enough to dvr it! It was like going to the concert all over again, only this time in my living room! mmmm mmmm!

Til next time...God bless!

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