Monday, October 17, 2011

Me and my shadow

This morning was just me and Sam...and we were STILL late to church!! Why is it I can't get there on time!?!?! I can get to school on time. Dr appts on time. Awana AT THE CHURCH on time. Pretty much anything, but Sunday services!!! I think part of it is my lack of enjoyment with the music portion of the if I miss that, I'm really okay with it!! Like today, I got one song in before our visiting pastor from Uganda did his extra long sermon. 

After church was a social, so Sam and I stayed and were social...there was even cake involved...she got the cake, I got the fruit. Then we headed to Freddy's to get gas in the car...then to home, but on the way I noticed that the consignment shop was open and DJ desperately needs some pants that he'll be happy with. He's right in between sizes and some 5's are like capris on him and some 6's are 2 inches too long and he HATES having them past his ankles!! He's so picky about his clothes like that...sounds like my dad! Go figure! I found 4 pair of pants, and then looked at shoes with Miss SamShoeaholicSam and while I had the pants hung up all on top of each other, I noticed 2 pair of them were the 2 inch long variety...and since we currently have 4 pair waiting for a growth spurt, I put them back. I also found 2 pair of pj's for him as he's growing out of the footed ones, and the 2 piece ones are too long again...oy!!

We left there and headed for home with a quick stop at the shed to see what was brought in yesterday...not much, but I did get some goodies for the kids and some vegan brownies for Howie. When we finally got home, Howie and DJ were already home from fishing and they had no fish caught! What a bummer for the last trip on the boat this year!!  DJ sure did enjoy his thermals tho!! Wasn't cold for one minute!! And his boots did the trick too!!! YAY!! Other than new snow pants, possibly, he is set for winter!! I'd say "bring it on" but I'm very afraid to!!

After the late lunch I made for us all, Howie and DJ went out to clean the boat....I laid on the couch and was rudely awoken by DJ yelling at me that Sam let Belle out again...two days in a row now! Howie was already out there and DJ was taking the leash to her, so I dealt with Samantha. Belle was brought back in one piece and Sam was let out of her room. But my nap, it was ruined!! Sadly! That's two days in a row!! lol  I then puttered and cleaned the kids their laundry ready to be washed and put some squash in the oven for our late dinner.

After dinner the kids got their jammies on and played around til bed time...Howie was in bed with the lights out before the kids were! So I read to them and tucked them in before coming out and watching some tv. I even got to knit tonite!! Finished up my first Christmas gift even!! Now, I'm whupped and heading to bed!!! Howie's got the day off tomorrow and it's gonna be a busy day!!

Til next time...God bless!

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