Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twirly Days

I swear she wakes up twirling more on Wednesdays cuz she knows it's a ballet day!!

We arrived at the studio with literally one second to spare....she quick put her shoes on and off she went to stretch her toesies!! And she just LOVES this's so evident with every move she makes how much she loves being a part of it! She does check up on me occasionally to make sure I'm still there and watching. DJ got to meet my g/f Shannon's son Jaxon and the two of them hit it off well and stuck together for the half hour class.

Once we were done with class we did the pizza pick up and dropped it off at the shed...then home for lunch and whatever the rest of the afternoon held for us. I got more laundry going, and did the dishes before bathing the kids....kinda nice doing an afternoon bath time! I asked Sam if I could braid her hair and she said YES!!!! I asked how many and she said I gave her two! She was quite pleased with my handiwork too! OH she looked SO darling and not much like a 3 year old at all! Such a sweetie!!

We were ready for Awana when Howie came home from work...and since it was an Awana nite, we had an early dinner...which was leftovers for me and Howie and pizza for the kids. And we were out the door a whole 3 minutes before I had planned!! That never happens!!! Like NEVER!!!!! I'll take it tho! We practiced the kids' verses all the way there too. DJ has to memorize 2 verses a week now, and Sam has one...but she doesn't have to remember the reference, just the verse, which is SO much easier for her...half the time you can't understand what she's saying even when you KNOW what she's saying!

In any case, I checked up on the kids thru the nite and I just love watching them when they don't know I'm watching...and Sam said her verse real easy!! DJ on the other hand, told them he didn't know I marched right over there with one of his leaders and he said them lickety split! He told me after, he needed me to be there to do them, and I told him that can't happen as I'm busy with my own class! Which was HOPPING tonite! We had 22 girls and 10 boys tonite...that's a lotta kids!! Worked out well tho! and I was done with 10 mins to spare and gab with  my girls. Kinda nice!

We got home and went straight into bed time cleaning mode...Howie was on his way over the gate to help the kids with coats and shoes and whatnot, as he was half way over Belle grabbed his pant leg almost sending him flying...instead he grabbed the railing and knocked off the flat of glass jars I'd put there only 2 hours before....breaking only 2, but making quite the mess! So he cleaned that up while I made sure Belle didn't step in any shards. THEN we got the kids ready for bed.

By the time I was done with that, he was going to bed and that left me the remote!! So I watched Modern Family, cracks me UP! and then Happy Endings, SO glad this came back as it's kind of like the new Friends....then Revenge, which is just SO good!!! And evil at the same time!! So mean! Then I watched this week's Survivor...and seriously, did y'all think Stacey would be at all inclined to "group hug" it out as they kicked her ass to the curb!!?!?!? I don't think so!!!!! Sheesh!! Next week's duel should be interesting!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Even for the 3rd season in a row. I can't like Coach! What a joke! Group hug after you voted her out. GEEZ! LOL!

    I bet Sam looked soooo cute in her braids! Sydney loved dance when she was little.I wish the little girls mom would enroll them. I just know they would twirl around too. :-)

    Love your happy days. :-)


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