Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Punkin Patch Kids

This DJ getting into bed with us is getting SO old!!!! Aside from locking the bedroom door (most times he comes in AFTER Howie leaves for work) what else is there to do to prevent him from doing it!?? This morning it was 6:50 when he came in...and then I kicked him out at 7:50 as I was SO sore from laying in one position and him on my arm deadening it. So when the boys finally left the bed, I stayed there!! Yep, Howie was home today in lieu of those lovely 20 hours he put in one day last week....so he got up with them and I lazed!!

Course, I was up by 9 as the kids were raring to go to the pumpkin patch as promised! The sun was shining, it was just the perfect day for it too!!! We finally got out the door shortly after 11 and to the patch about noon. We didn't clue in that there were 3 buses in the bus lot that were visiting as well...but thankfully within a few minutes they were gone and we practically had the place to ourselves! The kids found the duck racing trough where  you pump the water to make the duck move...they loved that!!! Then I found the corn pit...instead of plastic balls, they had kernels of corn...the kids thought that was great!!! Then they discovered the slides in the "mining" area. Ran around a shelter that had a perimeter of straw bales piled up. We looked at all the farm animals there, pet a kitten, and saw some 2 week old bunnies....washed our hands and went punkin picking!! Sam found her first one right away...she wanted a small one she could carry...and found it!! DJ on the other hand took a bit longer trying to find his and Daddy kept pointing out "better" ones. In the end DJ got a massive one, and Sam upgraded to a basketball sized one!!

We bought them (and some corn on the cob) and headed for lunch...our first thought was to do the new buffet in town, but after talking about it, we decided to do Red Robin for the kids. We all enjoyed our lunches and then headed for the school to pick up DJ's school pictures! I've been SO excited for these since I saw them online...they were so protected by the photographer I couldn't give anyone a sneak peek! The most precious picture of him EVER!! Check it out on fb...I made it my profile pic!

We finally got home about 3:30 and had some time to relax...well Howie did, I uploaded pictures from today to fb...the kids played outside...unfortunately killing ladybugs was their choice of activity. We came home to the house smothered in them!! Ladybugs are good luck right!?!? lol  About 4:30 DJ and Howie headed back to town for football practice while Sam and I stayed home to get dinner ready. With having such a late lunch, it didn't bother me that dinner wasn't til 7...Sam wasn't thrilled with it, and let me know in her own whiny ways...but she survived!

After dinner I bathed DJ and got both kids in bed...then did some Avon stuff til about 9:30 and then sat and watched tv. Howie went to bed as he's no longer interested in HIMYM which was quite funny!! Then I watched 2 Broke Girls which was also funny with the 90's theme.  Then 2.5 Men which was a classic!!! Mike & Molly was good too, I really do love Melissa McCarthy...just wish they wouldn't make her use pillows to cover up her size! And then Hart of Dixie...which is my new fave! Its quirky...home towny feeling, and the accents are just awesome!!!! Not to mention the country music in the background all the time!

Now, lunches are made...coffee is set...I'm off to find my pillows!

Til next time...God bless!

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