Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Edition

WOW was that a crazy weekend!!!!

First off...Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian counterparts! I kept drooling over the posts of turkey and pumpkin pie all weekend...knowing full well I have almost 7 weeks yet to wait!!!

Yesterday was so beyond crazy busy!!! We were up and off to DJ's football game by 8 for Howie and the kids, and 8:17 for me...and then I had to turn around as I forgot some stuff and it was I arrived to DJ's game a bit late thanks to horrific traffic in town too. Thankfully Howie directed me past the actual mess of it all by the fairgrounds...but my detour cost me precious minutes!

DJ played THE BEST he's ever played!!!! Oh it was so good to see him connect all the dots and make plays! He caught his first flag too!!!! And had a couple more slip right thru his fingers (they're REALLY tough to get off!!)  In any case, I had to leave 2 mins before it was done to get to a gleaner meeting...almost a half hour away too! Especially with the LONG WAY directions my phone gave me! GRRRR The meeting was short, but my name got called as a winner of the specialty glean table...and I picked out a 3 wheeled scooter in Princess for a certain lil girl...and it's been put away til Christmas!!

From here I headed out to do my Avoning...and decided to get an oil change on the car since I actually had possession of it...boy was that a mistake!!! That cost me 2 hours of my time! At Walmart (where else!?!!)  no less!!! I did find some really neat things for the kids' Christmas lists....and got a few stocking stuffers...yes, I've already started that nonsense! :D  They told me it would be an hour and 15 minutes....little did I know that meant til they'd start working on it!! So it was really almost 2 hours by the time I could drive it away!! At which point it was 2 pm and I was starving!!! I sat there in the parking lot eating my salad talking to my g/f Wyndi....and then took off again.

I even braved costco on a Saturday afternoon! Boy, was that CRAZY!!!!! Sheesh!!! I'm so glad I didn't have kids with me, as that would have driven me to drink!  All told tho, I made in and outta there in half an hour...I was scootin along...and I didn't have much thankfully. I did get some Vitamin C and some Niacin to start taking to combat the winter blues...I don't like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I know I suffered from it pretty bad this last winter. And I know I don't get near enough vitamin C...I don't drink juice, don't eat oranges, or carrots much, so I know I'm lacking.

Then I got home and got right into dinner mode...then bath mode...then bed mode for the kids...and then I headed out to do the Panera run for the gleaners....and didn't get home til 10:30. At which point I got lunch and fishing stuff ready for Howie and DJ and THEN finally sat down at 11!! THAT was a long ass day!!!

Today, was so opposite in comparison! The kids (DJ didn't get to go due to weather and he was SO upset by that!!) and I went to church...then did some Avoning after...then came home and had lunch. I roasted some almonds...and then made bagel chips with some Asiago cheese bagels....and then took the kids to the park with the dogs when they were done helping Howie clean the boat. We then had a lovely salmon dinner (Howie was fishless, but there were 5 caught on the boat, so Darrell gave us one to eat!!) and then puttered til the kids went to bed. Watched tv with Howie for a bit til he went to bed and then I watched Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife and 1 and a half episode of Castle before I started falling asleep. Have I told you how much I LOVE not watching commercials!?!?!?!

Oh and I made my own foaming hand soap today. That has GOT to be the BIGGEST rip off EVER!!! The amount of actual soap in one of these bottles is ridiculously low (like 1 inch worth!) and you pay the same price as a bottle of just soap!!! My sis in law saved me 3 of her bottles and she gave them to me yesterday (I'd asked her months ago to save them) and in 5 minutes I had 3 bottles made up! SUPER easy!!!! And the kids LOVE using foam instead of soap! We were going thru a bottle of soap every two weeks in their bathroom alone as they're quite, I could care less!!! YAY me!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. You could also try a light box for SAD. You can buy them at many pharmacies and/or natural health products stores, or you can make your own. If you search SAD lighting on the net there are lots of examples of boxes or light fixtures that can be made. Its been my experience that the lights help more than any vitamins. Some people use melatonin too, but I havent tried it myself so I cant recommend it personally. I was going to take it when I went to India to visit my daughter to help with the terrible 10 hr time difference jet lag, but I forgot! LOL I adjusted very fast, probably because I was motivated to get going & see everything.


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