Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Rock The House

Meadowdale rocks the house

And when Meadowdale rocks the house

We rock it all night long!

We are officially WESCO (don't ask what it stands for, cuz I'm not sure) champs!!! And we got that way with another undefeated year!!! The last two years that Jake's played football, they've been undefeated in regular season play!!! That is impressive!!! The stands were electrified last nite too!! Top it off, it was senior all the senior players had family members out on the track to honour them and thank them for putting up 4 years (or more) of football and that schedule. Jake originally asked to have DJ on the field with him, but with it being an 8pm game, AND a Thursday nite (school nite) it was just too much to put DJ thru that and have to live with the kid the next day!! So instead he had his dad and mom on the field with him...I got nice and close to take pix and the memory card flashed full! GRRRRRRRR Thank goodness Gayleen got a bunch of pix!!!

This morning I got a bit of a sleep in....with the game being last nite, he was back on regular Friday shift today....and got up with the kids and took DJ to school...first time he was on time this week!! So Sam and I had a lazy breakfast and got ready to head to the school to do hot lunch for 10:30. This time the lady who runs hot lunch got smart and brought a bin of toys in for SamSam and her son Sam...and they played while we served pretty much ALL the kids today!! I think I heard we had 100  of the 120 kids today!! It was mac n cheese, banana and cake with cherries and whipped cream. YUM!!!! Sam gobbled hers up too when it was finally her time to eat!

Then we waited in the truck for it to be recess time...I dozed off and almost missed recess all together. It was pouring rain my usual group decided to stay in (there's no cover where we go) and I joined up with DJ's crowd for their recess under the basketball what a chaotic recess that was! I much prefer the older grades thankyouverymuch! After recess Mrs Hughes gave me some stuff to photocopy and cut up and I got it all done before school let out at 3...I think I'm at 17 hours of my 20 hours for volunteering!! Not bad for the first 2 months of school!! I don't think I have another hot lunch tho til January the way the schedule worked available Fridays are holidays coming up...but we'll still have recess duty!

When I picked DJ up outside he was great...then we got in the truck and I learned he didn't eat his lunch!!! He ate the cake, that was it!! Oh and one bite of the mac n cheese and didn't like it!!! I then spent the next hour listening to him cry/whine/moan about how hungry he was just pitiful!! We discussed about how if he'd eaten his lunch we wouldn't be having this discussion!! This was while we were in Freddy's by the way...and I refused to get him a cookie too! His behaviour was atrocious!!!! He couldn't get a grip on it! So he suffered.

Then  on the way home he fell 20 minutes of my day!!! WOW!!! I got everything in the house and Belle out potty before I woke them up (Yep, Sam fell asleep too) and got them in the which point the begging/pleading/crying/whining/moaning continued! I kid you not!! Now, as I'm making his dinner his is going which point I sent him to his room as I didn't want to be on the news for child abuse! Dinner was a nice quiet moment too...the whining stopped!!

Since we ate so early (we were done at 6) we sat down and watched Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown....and I have to say, I don't like it!! Lucy calls her brother "stupid" and a "blockhead"....not nice! And she's just a big ol meanie really!!! The kids enjoyed it...and watched it twice. So while they were on their second viewing, I went and had a shower!  Then, thankfully, it was their bed time...but it still took me 45 minutes to get them there!! They were both over tired and I was worn out!! And they were both still awake when Howie came home minutes after I'd shut DJ's he put them both back to bed before sitting down to eat dinner.

We then watched Once Upon A Time...the previews looked great...and I have to say, it WAS great!!! Hard to do character development in the first hour of any series, but they did a great job!! I'll be watching again this Sunday instead of waiting for On Demand! Its already set up in dvr! Howie went to bed half way thru as he was whupped!! So I watched Grey's (FUNNY!!!!!) and Private Practice (equally funny and horrific) and now I'm heading to bed!

Til next time...God bless!

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