Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesdays are no longer

Referred to as Hump Day....I shall lovingly call them She Naps Day!! And its all because of ballet!! I had planned on taking the camera today, but it wasn't til we were well on our way to dropping DJ off when I realized it :(  and we were time crunched,  so no turning back....there's always next week lol

After dropping DJ off we went to the co-op to get dog foods...then the bank til I realized I'd forgotten my deposit sitting on the we drove to Freddy's and hung out in the parking lot. Well, til SamSam needed to we headed in to use the bathroom. On the way out I got sidetracked by some sweatpants that are on sale...and then water/wind resistant coats. I found a GORGEOUS plum coloured coat that was originally 100 and its on sale for 40...and it fits nice!! All my coats are swimming on me!! Samantha wasn't thrilled w/  my dallying and demanded we go back to the truck lol. So we did and waited out til it was time to head to the studio. We got changed there instead of Freddy's this week and then watched the tail end of the first class before going in for hers.

After class we hit up both pizza places for pick ups and then headed to the shed to drop them off before heading home. We had lunch and then she fell asleep in Howie's chair for 90 minutes. I took advantage of her quietness and bagged up the rest of the chicken for freezing and then made a chicken chili for dinner before waking her up. She beat me to it and was calling out for me from the bathroom. She'd peed herself awake...and it went all up her back....which in her mind made her back "sick" and hurt. I offered medicine but she declined. So we sat on the floor and I rubbed her back, but it wasn't good enough lol. So instead once she was dressed she headed out to play w/ the boys next door. DJ got home at 3:30 and after peeing, he went out to play. I decided to grab a shower while they were both happy. Samantha found me just as I stepped out.  Howie was home shortly and we had an early dinner for Awana nite.

We left w/ plenty of time to make it to the bank before Awana...but my mom called 2 seconds after we left the chatted w/ her and dad and it wasn't til I was at the light to turn left that I realized we'd driven right past the bank...and w/ 3 minutes to closing I tried valiantly to get there!! No such luck...they were closed :(  so we turned back toward the church. Both kids enjoyed themselves...I even got to watch DJ without him knowing during his game time. I love doing that! And as SO proud his hands were in his POCKETS and not down his underwear!!! Whew!! Both kids earned badges tonite...SO awesome!! When it was all said and done we headed for home and for bed time!!

Once they were settled I got started w/ lunches and had my first ever rock/paper/scissors battle. We only had one fudgesicle left in the Howie said "best 2 out of 3 and winner gets it". I WON!!!! Haha I've never done that to my knowledge!!! Howie then decided to go to bed instead lol. I got my chores done before savoring every bite!! Good thing grocery shopping is on the to-do list!! Since he was in bed, I watched Modern Family, Happy Endings, Survivor and Revenge. Kind of an ironic list really LOL

Til next time...God bless!

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