Monday, October 24, 2011

What started off

As a good weekend went to shit in a hand basket pretty quick!!!


DJ had another AWESOME football game on Saturday morning with two flag captures...and it was steadily raining...even Howie had an umbrella up!! Sam added one to her Christmas list...yes, we've started those already!! Keeps the "I wants" to a

Then we got home from football and Howie said he wasn't feeling well, so he went to lay down and took a 3+ hour nap....the kids played downstairs with Jessica who came over and I was upstairs folding laundry and puttering.  At 3 I left to go to the shed to an unload of the run that was coming in...I filled in for another gal who's been sick all week. About 4 I got a text from Howie that DJ threw up...and I tried calling right away...just as the number was dialed, the phone went dead...grrrrr. So it wasn't til I got home that I could assess the situation. At which point, he was throwing up again...and again...and again...poor kid!!! I lost track of how many times he threw up for the 8 hours he was throwing up for. The kids both went to bed after a bath shortly after 8...and SamSam (who'd had a cat nap at 5!!) took til almost 10 to fall asleep...then at 10:30 the shitstorm happened.

I was watching tv when I saw the light go on in the bathroom and DJ go in (I can see on the reflection of the fireplace glass) and so I went in to see how he was doing...he had his pants down and was about to sit on the toilet but was gagging at the same time....from the smell!! He had NO clue he'd shit himself...*gag* as I'm writing this...and so he sat down (pants half down) and tried throwing up in the toilet...meanwhile I got the shower running and asked Howie if he could take care of this as I'm gagging now too. I can deal with puke, but poop is another story! *gag* he said no, that he'd be puking too....great! So I go in and get him undressed and in the shower and cleaned up. Then I put him on the couch and try to deal with the pj them somewhat rinsed off and decided to bag it...literally...wasn't sure they were worth saving! Even if they were new!!

Then I wanted him back in bed, and I didn't...his room decided for me that I didn' reeked of shit...took the sheets off the bed even tho there was nothing on them, and tossed 'em downstairs. I also bleached the tub and toilet to help with the smell too! *gag* It was just awful!!! Since I wasn't sure if there would be another poop 'splosion, I let him sleep on the couch and I slept in my chair...not the most comfortable, but I was right there for him when he needed to dry heave at 1:30.  Howie was up at 6:15 and took over watching him sleep....I went to bed and told him we were NOT going to church!

I then got up at 9:30 and came out to eat breakfast. DJ was back to his normal self...and had a piece of toast in front of him...and he'd had some water! No more vomiting and he was begging to carve his pumpkin...something we were to do yesterday!! I was shocked at his turn around!! He bounces quick that's for sure!! After I ate, I hopped in the shower and got ready to head out is helping with the deliveries, but there's still a few to do when the time comes.

My goal was to be home by 4...but it wasn't til 4:30 that I actually got home....and found my truck parked in the garage!!!!! I'd asked Howie to make it possible soon now that the rains have found us again...and really...why not!?!? lol He (and the kids) made it possible!! We then got right into carving the pumpkins!! DJ was good with gettin his hands in there and digging out the guts...but Miss SamSam, yeah, that lasted all of one teeny tiny scoop...and then she was off washing her hands! Cracked us up!! But hey, its more than last year...and the year before that she screamed bloody murder when we tried to get her to do it! So we're at least getting some progress!!  They each drew their own faces on with a dry erase marker....oh it was CUTE!!!! Sam drew her eyes too small, so I used them for the pupils of the eyes...and her nose was too small...but her "smile" (she wanted a happy pumpkin) was good...I just made it bigger and with 7 teeth as requested!! DJ on the other hand, drew an awesome face (he wanted an angry/mad) face and his has 10 teeth that will bite you!! lol They were both thrilled with our lack of artistic talent in this department!

After dinner I headed to the shed to shop and then came home to put kids to bed...then Howie watched bit of Amazing Race with me and went to bed himself.  I love how that race can change from week to week! You can be in first and all of a sudden, with one wrong move, you're dropped 5 places!! Fascinating to watch! Then Desperate Housewives, which was comical in so many ways!! And then The Good Wife, which was good! Always good! Now I'm heading to watch the backs of my eye lids...I hear they're having a double feature! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. That tummy bug is making the rounds! Yuk!! You know it's bad when it's an explosion. Eek! Haven't watched AR yet, but can't wait!!

    Glad DJ is better. :-)


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