Saturday, October 1, 2011

THE busiest day yet!!

From the moment we got up, we didn't stop!! Samantha knew it was going to be a busy day, and she even asked me when I woke her up "Is today the busy day!?" and it was, so we were up and at 'em! First off we took DJ to school...and to save time, her and I came back to eat...and deal with Belle.

Then we were to be at the school for 10:30, but since we were making SUCH good time, we swung by the bank first and made it to the school just in time to sign in. Today was my first day (of many I'm sure) of being a Hot Lunch Lady for DJ's school....I also get 2 volunteer hours, so this is perfect!! So far this month I've done 8 and a half hours of the 20 required!! Not too shabby!

Today's lunch was corn dogs, chips, yogurt and milk....I was the ketchup dispenser!! I kid you not! I got to squirt the ketchup onto their plates as the passed by me to get the chips! And I found out, kids can come back for seconds....all this for only 2.50!!! That's awesome!!!! Sam enjoyed the corn dog, but I'd taken a salad for myself....I'm not a big fan. Then since we were done at 12:30, and I needed to do recess at 1:40, we hung out in the need bothering the secretary for an hour. I put Tangled on for Sam and reclined my chair...even got to doze a few winks which was nice. When I woke up, it was pouring rain!!! And I didn't have jackets for us! We went in the school to see if they were even going to do recess, and sure enough the sun came out and so did the kids....what's a little rain!?!?! lol

After the kids were back in their classes, Mrs Hughes had some stuff for me to do...that took a half hour and we were done. We then waited in the office for 20 minutes before picking DJ up and heading home. Oh, the book fair is going on next week, and Miss Samantha is just in awe of all the new books...and zoned in on every Princess book in the hallway!! Even the Princess cookbook one!! She's so cute!

We were home for all of an hour and a half....and when we got home, Belle had tangled herself up with a very long stick...not sure how she did it, but she was VERY glad to be rid of it and off the trolley. While the kids played outside, I got our dinners ready and pj's and other stuff...we left at 5 and headed to DJ's football game...the only Friday nite one!!! It started at 6 and we needed to be there for 5:34 he asked me in the truck if he could have a short nap, I said sure, thinkin he was kidding...he wasn't!! AND Sam had fallen asleep!!! OY!

For being so groggy when I woke him, he did amazingly well for the game!!! And did much better tonite than at the first game!!! YAY!!! I'm told we'll be SHOCKED at how well they do by the last game...we'll see. Tonite we got beaten....badly!! 5 touchdowns to 1...yikes!! But, again, the kids have NO clue about scoring and are just thrilled to see snacks at the end of the game!

From here we each took a kid and headed to Edmonds for Jake's game....which to the kids means, eat all the snacks you can!!! I swear!! What a game tho!! This is/was our biggest rival of the season...and we NAILED it!!!! 34-17 was the final score....and it was a nail biter! Whew! Howie had to leave before the 4th quarter even started as he had to be back at work for 11...and as soon as he left, I had sleeping children!! Thankfully my village of people helped carry the kids down and to the truck...DJ woke to get his pj's on and fell back to sleep instantly...Sam got her pj's on and asked for Barney....she fell asleep, so I turned it off and put the radio on and she got mad at me! Then stayed awake the whole ride home so I couldn't do that again. Rascal!

Then we get in the door and she says to me "Can I just sit and alax a bit?"...took me a bit to figure she  meant she got in my chair while I got DJ into bed and took Belle out potty...then she let me carry her to bed and she went right to sleep! Here's hoping they sleep in til 9!! A mom can wish!

Til next time...God bless!

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