Tuesday, October 25, 2011


If I could, I would take this sickness on me instead of DJ being the one down for the count! This morning he didn't wake til just before 9 and then came back to me 5 minutes later saying he'd tried throwing up but nothing came out...poor guy!!! But since I had made plans to run to town and do a couple errands, that's what we did! DJ didn't get out of his pj's...just added socks and a sweatshirt...his choice! We did the bank errands, and met up with my g/f Kody and did the books at the shed before coming back home. At which point, he assumed the position on the couch!

He was hungry tho, so had some goldfish and seemed okay for a while. We read a book I got from the shed that had the Bug's Life characters in it, so I tried finding it on Netflix...no go, dvd only! So frustrating...tell me again why we're paying 9.00 a month for this...especially since they've taken Dexter, and a couple series that Howie was watching, off the instant stream option. GRRRRRR And they still don't have close captioning on their programming.

Ok, back to my day....instead the kids watched Dragon Tales...3 episodes of it....DJ and I snuggled on the couch (with Belle, who was an angel!!) til Howie called and we talked dinner choices. Then I got a call from the hearing aid place. My hearing aid that I dropped off on Friday is NOT fixable by any means!! It was pretty messed up!! *sigh* And she told me this happens frequently....how on earth!!?!?! This is the first time a dog's eaten my aid...unlike my homework...I could totally see Belle doing that tho come to think of it! So we talked options about what's out there now as the ones (or one now) that I have is 5 and a half years old...which is old in the tech world of hearing aids! She was telling me that they now have ones that are bluetooth capable and can also hook into the tv so you don't have to have it so loud...now that would be awesome! Not necessary, but damn that would be good! I have no clue how it works...however, I'm curious! In any case, it'll have to wait til January before we do anything....and thankfully it was my left aid she got as I'm right ear dominant...so I can still hear fairly well!

DJ fell asleep while I was on the phone with the hearing place...so Sam and I enjoyed our quiet and she chose Barney!!! Howie came home and he slept on...I tried waking him at 4:30 but no bueno! Since he wasn't going to football practice, he didn't NEED to be awake...I tried 3 times tho to wake him up! Whew! He didn't want our dinner and instead had some toast and jam...and seemed to perk right up! So much so, he was making a fine old mess in the bathroom during bath time!! 

Sleep however, was not his friend right away....he came out maybe 10 mins after being put down and said he couldn't sleep and wanted to be with me til I went to sleep...HA, not happenin kid!! My "me" time is when he IS alseep!! So I tok him back to his room, read two more books, and put the music back on...didn't hear a peep from him since!! So I watched tv and knit!!

And then frogged the hat I'd started and was VERY close to finishing...'cept I tried it on, and it fits me but isn't long enough...and it's for Sam...so clearly I have the wrong pattern on the go!!! OY!!! Unravelling an eyelash yarn is pure torture!!! It took all of Hart of Dixie AND half of Castle to get my mess untangled!! Sheesh!

Til next time...God bless!

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