Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have discovered

That I don't function real well on 2 hours of sleep!! But that's all I got before I woke up to SamSam crying in the I grab my glasses and go investigate...she's thrown up at her door trying to open it to get to the bathroom...and it's a lovely pesto green!! *gag* So I get her cleaned up, in a new pull up and new jammies and bring her and a bowl to bed with me...not 20 minutes later she's throwing up I take her out to the living room so as not to bother Howie.

And she was on a 25 minute cycle...she'd doze, I'd just start to doze, she'd moan, and then throw up! After an hour of this she was dry heaving...but just like DJ, I wasn't giving her squat! Then before we knew it, Howie was up for the work day...left for the work day...and DJ was up at 5:50...told him to go back to bed, he said no...told him to go to my bed, he said he grabbed a blanky and a pillow and went back to sleep in Howie's chair.

My eyes were like sandpaper when the alarm went off at 7...but DJ just bounced right up and announced it's a school day! I'd already emailed the gal we were to have a school thing with for one of the groups I volunteered to be on to let her know we wouldn't be attending due to illness. I tried to make DJ be quiet, but he was just too excited for we had breakfast, he packed his backpack with his lunch and snack...then I woke Sam up and got her ready to go with us, jammies and all. As we're putting shoes on she starts heaving which point I thought I was gonna have both of them puking....DJ can NOT handle the sight/smell/sound of someone puking in front of him...a Dr he will not be!! LMAO
Dropped DJ off and turned right around and headed for home...Sam had already used the bowl once on the way there...and then again on the way I messaged the gal I was to drop the books to and told her it wasn't gonna be today...turns out she was takin her youngest daughter to get casted for a broken arm. Once home we put the Disney channel on and she watched that in between the dry heaving...which slowed down some. So much so we tried a tablespoon of water and it stayed down. So then an hour later, I tried two tablespoons...bad mistake! Poor thing was upchucking within seconds!! So we waited another couple hours (and a nap) to try again and only did 1 tablespoon at a time an hour apart.

Howie and DJ got home from work and I was well on the laundry train!! My Norwex order came and I had soap again!!! It piled up some over the weekend once I knew the soap would be here today. Like 7 loads worth! Mind you, some of that is pukey laundry we wouldn't normally have!!! Oh, and those ill fated jammies DJ pooped those suckers cleaner than new!!!! The first wash they still had an I put some odor eliminator IN the wash and they came out smelling AWESOME!!!!!! You'd never know they were full of shit 3 days ago!!! Literally!!! lol

Dinner was just the three of us...Sam tried to sit with us, but ended up laying on the couch instead. After dinner there were no baths to be given so we worked on the kids' verses for of right now Samantha is cut off of all extra curricular activities...but DJ is not...and he's got two verses a week! Awana kinda snuck up on us this week...or me rather! Been so busy on puke patrol the days ran into each other.

After the kids were in bed we watched X Factor....and I'm officially hooked into this show now!!! That was a tough elimination round!! SO glad that Simon didn't keep Tiah...the three girls he did keep were THE best!!! The groups I'm good with...and the over 30's I'm more than good with...but I have no clue who was kept in the boy's group as I wasn't around to watch that one! Should be an interesting show! Other than that, there wasn't much else I cleaned up the dvr a bit and now I'm more than ready for bed!!! Early too!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. hehehe Missy, DJ may be a doctor yet. trust me, it is a NURSE he wont be. I never yet met a doctor who stuck around when the puking started. They get all the glory, the nurses get all the gore. So there, DJ, study hard, become Dr DJ and make your mama proud.


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