Saturday, October 22, 2011


This morning DJ was up pretty quick as he knew it was field trip day to the same pumpkin patch we went to on Monday. But did that help us get out the door on time?!?! Nooooo! And to be fair, some of that is my fault as it wasn't til 7:50 that I realized my plan for the morning included a trip to costco and that meant we weren't coming back and needed to eat and deal w/ Belle. Ugh! In any case, he got his first tardy slip...and I'm sure it won't be the last!!

SamSam and I ended up waiting in costco's parking lot (we were 2nd) for an hour til they opened at 10. Samantha enjoys being unbuckled in the truck...and watchin a movie of her choosing. Then we get in there and we got lost looking at all the toys and games and clothes before even doing our shopping!! All told we spent and hour and a half in there and raced home to have lunch. While we were eating my Avon came, which was good as I was starting to stress about it! They've changed my driver's route and he's how 4 hours later than what I'm used to! So I quickly packed up the orders and got the ones ready for today's delivery ready to go out the door!!

First we had recess duty and I wasn't sure if it would be outside due to rain, but we were still on!! When we got out there it was barely the end of recess, it was comin down didn't seem to mind much...and no one melted!! As we were using the bathroom, DJ's class came back from the Farm. So we grabbed his pumpkin and boots and took them to the truck to make it easier on him. Then Samantha and I went to the truck...her to watch Horton and me to read. Once school let out we did some Avoning before heading home.

When we got home the kids tried to go next no answer til I noticed them out front riding bikes...then K came over to play and I went and had a shower. K stayed while we had dinner and then the 3 of them headed next door. I got ready in peace and then the babysitter showed up. I called over to have the kids come home and they weren't I left w/o hugs!!! Wow! I stopped for gas and then headed to Jake's game in Edmonds. I was walking up to the ticket booth when the Mavs scored their first TD!!! Jake had another awesome interception!!! So proud!! After the game (we won 142-7) we waited to see Jake and then headed home to relieve Sarah. Then I got started making breakfasts for tomorrow morning. Whew!! Now I'm off to bed after watching Sweet Home Alabama Updates...good to see Adam and Devin are still workin on it!!

Til next time...God bless!

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