Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays!!

I love Wednesdays....because the little girl I'm growing LOVES her ballet class...and watching her be so excited for it, makes Wednesdays just the best!!!! Even waking her up this morning was fun...she asked right away if it was ballet day! And instead of shaking her awake, I crawled into bed with her and woke her that way...and the retaliated by stretching...which they both know not to do as that means they're growing!! lol

We got DJ to school on time and he asked to walk himself in (I hate those days!! He's growing up too fast!) and so Sam and I headed somewhere...I'd texted my g/f that we were supposed to play date with, and got no answer, so we headed to Freddy's to sit and wait. Sam watched Happy Feet and I laid the back of my chair down and watched with Then we went into Freddy's to use the bathroom and to get her changed into her dance outfit.

Just watching her in class puts this HUGE smile on my face...and it makes me wonder...did I ever enjoy my skating lessons as  much as she's enjoying her dance classes?? Mind you I don't think I got started at age 3...more like 5 or 6...I remember some lessons...and the recitals most of all. Not sure if this class will have a recital since it's mostly just learning the basics and not putting the all together. They've been learning position 1 and position 2...and when asked, Sam will definitely demonstrate them!

After class we went to Papa Murphy's to get 23 pizzas...rather a large surplus for them! Sam was glad to have a cheese one for lunch, so that's what I made her. After lunch we laid on the couch together...she was in a bit of a whiny/cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat mood and I knew if she napped she'd wake up way she slept for an hour and was a different child upon waking. Such a good thing!! DJ finally came home from school just before Howie did...on Wednesdays our neighbours pick him up as they're in town finishing school at the same time, only today they had haircuts and he tagged along.

Dinner was an early one due to it being an Awana nite...and instead of sketti (I had no sauce and not enough tomatoes to make one) we did scrambled eggs per Sam's request. I love having breakfast for dinner!! Then we were off to Awana where both kids did their verses 3 times. SamSam added to hers tho... "He made everything beautiful...just like me!!" can ya tell which part she added!?!? I asked her teacher after if she embellished her verse, and thankfully she didn't!! lol DJ did awesome with his too and I wasn't needed to pull it out of him :)  My own kids kept me hopping tonite!! We had the highest attendance tonite ever!!! 22 girls and 14 boys! I think all of them came to visit me at one point...some of them twice even!! Whew!!

Got home and got kids in bed right away and then watched some X Factor with Howie...I like the way they divided the categories up....and that two of the Overs (over 30 group) are from Washington!!! Howie went to bed and I watched  Modern Family (was cracking up in the first 6 minutes!) and then Happy Endings (love Megan Mullaly!!) and then Revenge (dang this one's getting good...just wondering how they can drag it out more than one season) and then Survivor, which had me just grossing out!! Oh that challenge was NASTY!!!! Blech!!

Til next time...God bless!

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