Saturday, October 8, 2011

This morning we had

A trip to nowhere...that's how our day began! We mat w/ some other gleaners at the shed to go to a bread place to pick up their surplus...we arrived there and it was closed up tight w/ a note on the door. Not a good sign!! So we drove back to Monroe empty handed :( rather a bummer too as quite a few families rely on that bread!

I sat in the back seat w/ the kids per DJ's request, so we talked about what else to do for the day...I suggested costco, but DJ said he didn't want to we didn't! No sense taking a kid w/ an attitude grocery shopping! No fun for anyone! We came home and puttered around til lunch.
Which was AWFUL!!! Why I continue buying inferior mac n cheese I'll never know! The brand this time was "truly an amazing taste" and it was God awful! From the first bite it was vomitous! I served the kids anyways, and from their first bites they didn't like it the end they ate about a quarter each til I just couldn't make them anymore and gave them ham and cheese and crackers! And they both gobbled them down!! Haha and I'll be returning the unopened box and demanding a refund on both next time I'm in Freddy's!! You can bet on that!

My Avon came while we were eating, so once the table was cleared I bagged it up and got it ready to go. The kids meanwhile were outside playing w/ the neighbours. DJ in all his infinite wisdom came in the house thru the back slider and Belle got out. I tried getting her back w/ a cookie and she was within inches of me but not enough for me to grab her. And she was gone!! Not to the park either...nooooo, she went to the pigs' place across the street. Made me wanna vomit between calling her name out. It took me a good 20 minute before I cornered her and got her out! Sheesh! All the while the pigs are grunting and snorting feet away from me...blech! She went into doggy time out!
By then it was 4:30 so I started getting ready for the football game.  My g/f Shirah was coming out to stay w/ the kids, but since she was coming from Seattle, I had Michaela do the first shift so I could leave at 5:30 and not have to wait. Worked out well too as Shirah didn't get here til 7:30!!
I had a stop on the way to the game to smell another newborn. This one was 10 days old and SO tiny!! She was 7 lbs 10 oz at birth...that always seems SO small compared to my two monsters at birth! She woke for a whole minute while I was there and I was able to put her back to sleep...awwwww! Had a great visit w/ her mama too, and it made me late for the football game...I missed the first quarter...but not the best play!! No, I got to watch Jake make an amazing interception and own the ball!! SO awesome!!

Even more awesome...seeing it on the news tonite!!! THAT was cool!! Not gonna lie!! We recorded it too, so we could watch it again and again...the whole game should be On Demand tomorrow too! Jake only played the first half as we dominated them!! Final score was 50-14 at the half it was 27-0!! Good game, good game!!

We got home before 10:30 and Shirah visited for an hour before heading home...she's gonna come watch DJ play tomorrow morning, but needed to get home for her kitties. Breakfast is made and I'm done! Gonna go catch some z's before tomorrow finds me!

Til next time...God bless!

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