Wednesday, October 12, 2011

But Mr. Sun isn't up yet!!!!

This morning my kids had me laughing before I was even dressed!!! DJ woke up about 6:30 and crawled in with me...Sam was up at 6:45 and went back to bed....and I got up at 7:05 to get the day started. DJ asked me what I was doing up and I told him it was a school day and it was time to get up...and the I went to the bathroom. Sam AND DJ both came in and told me it was still dark out we needed to go to back to sleep (boy, the best idea they've had yet!) and I said no, we needed to get dressed and get ready to go. Samantha, in all seriousness, with hand motions and everything says "No, we have to go back to sleep!! Mr Sun isn't up yet! So we have to go back to bed and sleep some more"  All I could do was hug her and tell her I loved her! She was so freakin cute!!

We got DJ to school on time and walked him in to his class...chatted with (and delivered some Avon to) the office girls (Dad, I need some fudge for them too!! :) They'll love it!) And then Sam and I were on our way to completing the to-do list I made up. Which got us home for about 11:30 and enjoying our rainy day inside together.

Lunch was at her request and she chose not to eat it....I got some chicken hotdogs from the gleaners...yeah, they didn't look that tasty...Snickers didn't mind!!! She also chose bagel chips I'd made over the actual bagel and gobbled those down! Along with her broccoli...then she had a banana and two cookies a half hour after that.

I swear there's more hours in the day now that DJ's not here consuming my ears....I got some pears pickled...but not the pears I bought 3 weeks ago...they haven't ripened and Howie thinks they won't go yellow like the Bartlett I bought some last week when I went shopping and pickled them! Sure look good!! Then I made some granola as I've been out for a month now and didn't have 2 hours to devote to making it...and with Howie picking DJ up from school, I had the time! So I made some...this might just be my best batch yet too!! SO yummy!!!!

The boys got home as I was giving Sam a bath and then we got dinner under way....since the granola was still in the oven, I put the squash in too...but it didn't like my sharing technique and so I had to zap it to finish the cooking. Meanwhile, I check DJ's backpack and discover his new books (well, half of them) that Grandma bought him from the book fair that's going on....he was SO excited to have new books!! I also discovered he had some homework...and on the top of the page the teacher wrote: DJ tried to get someone else to write his words for him.  NOT good!!! So we talked about it and I made him sit and write his words three times each on the paper! Rascal!!! I'm beginning to suspect that he's dyslexic as he wrote every word, if you looked at it in a mirror it would be perfect! SO odd!!! Gonna keep an eye on that!

After dinner I grabbed a shower and then got kids teeth brushed and into bed. We read two of the new books...the I Spy book was a hit! They both liked that one! And the Hippopotamus Ate the Teacher was funny!! I get just as excited when they get new books I haven't read yet! Since there was nothing on tv, Howie went and got the mail and came back in and went to bed. In the mail was a package from Portugal!!! Yes, that far away!! I have an old school chum who was in  my sister's class (or maybe only 2 years behind me) who I have friended on fb a couple years ago now and every once in a while she'll comment on my knitting pictures or posts...and she offered to crochet me some flowers for hats and skirts and whatnot...O M G they're GORGEOUS!!!!! WAY better than I'd anticipated!!! These are lacy and silky and beautiful colours!! She made me 15 flowers in all different colours and sizes...I can't wait to use them!!! And at the same time, don't want to as they're just so pretty!!

Til next time...God bless!

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