Friday, October 7, 2011

A Mother's Pain

Doesn't stop when she gives birth!!! Truly!

It pains me to see my children hurt...

It pains me to see my children's feelings hurt...

It pains me when they reject me...

It pains me to discipline them...

It pains me to see them crying...

It pains me when they drop something on my foot that cause me to sob in pain...


He dropped a 64oz (gallon I believe) bottle of V8 juice as we were going up the stairs and I caught it with the inside of my right foot. Which instantly swelled up and sent the tears flowing!

I finally made it up the stairs and sat in my chair...Sam brought me her pizza from the fridge (in a bag) and said it would make me feel I put the coolness on my foot and it took the focus off the pain and I was able to catch my breath enough to stop crying. DJ of course was hugging me and apologizing continuously...oh it was painful!!

And of course, my hormones are slightly elevated at this point and that didn't help my case any!! *sigh* and now, hours later, I have a lovely bruise the shade of a black grape! The swelling isn't bad, and I don't feel it when I'm walking, so that's good! Next time I'll let the damn thing fall to the ground!! Sheesh!

This afternoon the kids were outside playing and I was inside cleaning....I got the vacuum bug! I have to say, I REALLY hate discovering half way thru what I'm doing that the settings have been moved from bare floor to high I went back and did it again! tsk tsk...I really should be checking that first and foremost! I even did my kitchen floors!!!! Been too long since I've had time to do them....and Belle was in her crate, so I took advantage of my bark free existence! lol

Dinner was LOVELY! I did the SouthBeach pesto chicken again...and acorn squash (which DJ didn't bat an eye at!! And Sam fought me minimally!) and peas for us and carrots for the kids...I also added some toasted asiago cheese bread...YUM!!!! Good dinner!  After dinner I went and had shower and when I came out the kids were jamma'd and we did the bed time thing. The kids were funny tonite...Samantha is getting braver in coming out and creating some reason to be out. ha!

Howie went to bed too, so I watched BBT (Oh the deafness cracked me up!!) and Grey's which was quite interesting without all the was done thru the men's point of view and it was good! Private Practice was good too! And sad in a way. Whitney was FUNNY!!!! I'm gettin into this one now...the silent treatment was hilarious!!!

Now, as I'm blogging, I'm watching a video The "Scoffed At" Solution that Can Prevent and Treat Most Diseases over here its VERY informative....and I MUST add vitamins to our daily regimen...the kids take them, but I don't and I really should!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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