Saturday, October 15, 2011

Frantic Fridays

This morning was tough for the kids to wake up...DJ finally got out of bed at 7:50 and even that was a struggle! And then Sam fought  me about going to the school in her pj's to drop DJ off...she wanted to be dressed just like him!!! UGH!!!! I did get him to the school itself on time...but I'm pretty sure he wasn't in class by the time the Pledge of Allegiance was said....oops! Sam and I then drove home for breakfast and to pack up what we needed for the day.

Then back to the school we went for 10:30 to help with hot was sloppy joes, apple slices, donuts (made right there in the oven) and milk...and we had A LOT of sloppy joes left over!!!!! A whole warmer full! Once the kids were served, we ate and then cleaned up. Sam enjoyed her sloppy joe, and ate probably 2/3 of a whole one, which is a lot for her!

From there we went to Mr Dizzy and got the oil changed in the had been a while and with doing the car last weekend, it was time...I like them close together in time as its easier to remember. They also shut off my check engine light that had come on a couple weeks ago for no reason...and sent us on our way. In talking with the owner of the shop, we discovered that his grandson is in DJ's class...and just had a birthday the day before!! We had our MCS shirts on and he recognized it right away.

We were back at the school for 1:30 to do recess duty and Sam was thrilled with that! She loves having recess!! haha There was one girl, and she goes to my church and is in my Awana group, that had a fall while playing she sat out recess only to get stung 3 times by bees!!! The poor girl!! I'd be miserable if that were me!!!  After the kids were all back in their rooms we went to see if Mrs Hughes needed any work done...she gave me a binder and said "get as much done as possible" which was make 14 copies of every letter of the alphabet on construction paper...oh and you have to cut the paper in half....I got it all done in 45 minutes! Yeah, I'm a rockstar!!!! Oh yeah! She was impressed too! lol

From school we headed to my g/f Wyndi's house to have a visit with her's been a LONG time since we've seen them!!! I wanna say DJ's birthday party! So all summer and then some! The kids didn't waste time reacquainting themselves and it was fun to watch. I got a little visit in with between Sam's 3 trips to the bathroom in the hour we were there!!! I swear, she can make a 10 oz juice turn into 20 trips to the bathroom!!!

We left there and headed to Jake's game for 5 and got there in the first quarter...better than last week and I didn't have two tag alongs then! Jake made another incredible interception and got some yardage before being run out of bounds. At half time I wasn't sure what to expect...typically they play the JV team in the second half...and we were up by 28...but apparently that wasn't good enough and the one time I'm banking on him NOT playing the second half, and he is!! So I stayed for the whole game, and then seeing him after too. The kids did okay for the most part....til they got in trouble for being in a walk way.

From here we parted ways...Howie and the kids went home and I went to an Avon meeting for started at 6, hence my halftime banking, and I got there at 8....still enjoyed myself and even won the first door prize!! Got to chat with a few people I haven't seen in a long time and then came home. Howie was still up waiting to see Q13's news as we were game of the week...the highlight reel didn't show Jake's great he went to bed. I then watched Psych which is back and made the STUPIDEST mistake ever!!! While watching tv, my left hearing aid battery started beeping at me...and I got an itch...I took it out and set it on my sweatshirt on my belly...NOT in the pocket! I watch the end of the show and forget all about it and stand goes flying. About 3 minutes later I hear this crunching sound and tell Belle to "leave it" and run to where she was my hearing aid. In smithereens! Totally unrecognizable!! I was far too mad to cry...altho I'm sure I will at some point. And she KNOWS I'm mad at her!!! Yes, she's a puppy, but damnit!! So, dad, that iPad deal I made with you...might have to change to a hearing aid deal....ARGH!!!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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