Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DJ and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!!

This morning I almost slept right thru!! I woke with the alarm at 7 and instead of hitting snooze, I hit the dismiss button (on my phone) and dozed off...woke up exactly 9 minutes later (that's the snooze amount on a regular clock, not the phone, on there it's 5 minutes, what a rip off!) and got up...then woke DJ up and he went in very sweetly and woke SamSam up. They both got dressed and we got breakfast under way. DJ got his lunch and snack ready to go in his backpack and we were off! The bus that's my tell tale, was just picking the kids up at the end of our street, so we weren't too late today.

DJ asked to walk in on his own, but I kinda like having Tuesday mornings to walk him in...just to start the week we walked in, and that's when we both noticed that Mrs Hughes wasn't in today :( the principal, however, was doing the subbing for today...and she's done it before, so DJ knows her. From here, Sam and I head to the home schooling school and drop off the books before heading for home.

Once home I get right into my Avoning and writing up my orders and getting that taken care of....Sam thoroughly enjoys herself and wanders in and out of the house. She asks for lunch on the back deck, and I oblige since its such a gorgeous day out!!! Shoot, if I'd have fit at the table, I'd have eaten out there with her!!! Since it's so nice out, I put Belle on the trolley for some fresh air...and Sam played outside with the boys next was fun to watch them play fighting, just bouncing on the trampoline and running around.

Howie was late picking DJ up due to back traffic on the way it was after 5 when they came in the house. DJ was quite melancholy and almost in tears when I asked how his day was. His response was "I made a lot of bad choices today" and then told me all he'd done wrong. He said "no" to Mrs Obbink...didn't do as he was told...stepped on Anthony's foot and then lied about it. The end result, he lost two of his three recesses, and after lunch had to lay his head on the table til lunch time was over. I'm hoping he's learned his lesson! We then carried out a punishment here at home and he had to sit on the couch til dinner time. And then after which point it was time for bed. We talked about his need to make better choices tomorrow and prayed he would.

His bed time book tonite was Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day....which DJ could relate to! And how every once in a while, we all have bad days! It was a cute book! Altho, I do hate (and I use that ironically) when books teach kids to "hate" the one part says "I hate lima beans" but my kids have never had them, so why would I put that in their heads?? I leave words out of books all the time! I've even taken a sharpie to some and gotten rid of the excessive adjectives! Even the Berenstain books have stuff in it that I don't agree calling, picking on one kid cuz she's different....doesn't need to be in their books! Ok, that's my .02 worth!

Once the kids were in bed, Howie and I watched X Factor and saw who was going thru to the live portion of the show, which I'm MORE than ready for!! And since I'm not used to watching live tv, I kept trying to fast forward the commercials!! D'oh! Then I watched Parenthood which was good...but if memory serves me, I wasn't sleep deprived after having my babies til they were 4 mos old...THEN they started messin with me! Still are for that matter! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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