Friday, October 21, 2011

Ten Twenty

Today would have been my Grams' 94th birthday...she still makes me smile with all her legacies she's left behind. Just this morning I read something my cousin put on his fb status that just totally paid tribute to her memory....probably something no one outside of our family (first cousins only tho) would understand and appreciate....

Blubby Blossoms

That's what Grandma said when she was irritated, overwhelmed, get the drift.

Then it got me thinking of more legacies she left...but they're not all good ones, sadly. Like "love the one you're with" or "I'll let you do (fill in the blank) for me..."

But no matter what, I still love her!!! I should start adopting Blubby Blossoms as my go to phrase...usually its one of the two sentences/phrases I know in Bulgarian...and everyone looks at me like I'm an alien...maybe Blubby Blossoms would be less traumatic LOL

This morning after getting DJ to shcool (his first almost tardy day) SamSam and I headed to Freddy's to do the grocery shopping...and ended up spending THREE hours there!!! Sheesh!! I did get some Christmas shopping done tho...and I did get that coat for myself...and we did socialize with our jewellery girl and my g/f Kody came and met up with us for an apple swap...but still, THREE hours!!!!!

We didn't get home til 1 as I'd stopped at Staples too to do some printing...luckily I'd bought Sam a lunchable and she got her lunch right away....I on the other hand, had to put the groceries away so I could  make lunch!! After lunch, whiny Sam came for a visit....I don't much like whiny Sam...then stubborn Sam joined in...2 hours of whining and crying...I should have put her in her room from the get go and made her "rest" as she needed it!!

By the time Howie got home with DJ, I was ready to join in!!! Then I learned DJ had another bad day...and lost a recess...he called another boy a 'baby' and that's not acceptable!! I'm so glad he's learning more than just letters and numbers....and that there's rules for him to live by at school. The minute he had to tell me what he'd done, he was in tears!!! So we talked about it and even discussed him losing his football practice as a home punishment...but in the end he went. And had an AMAZING practice too!! Captured 8 flags's hoping the streak continues on Saturday!

Dinner was left overs...I bathed Sam before, so she ate in her pj's and I didn't make her wait for the rest of us...then after dinner I bathed DJ and got them both in bed. DJ's back order books from the book fair came home today...he thanks you Grandma!! I asked him why he got the books and he said "because she loves me!!" awwwwwwww

After my chores were done, Howie went to bed and I got busy working on my Avon books for the next campaign...while doing so I watched BBT (hahaha and that stupid kitty song is just as bad as the one from Friends!!) and Rules of Engagement came back on, which is good as its replacement sucked!!! Then Grey's and Private Practice....Grey's was good, but kind of a repeat in a way....and PP was very thought provoking!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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