Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who's brillian $#&*%*( idea was THAT??!

I mean seriously!!!!

Tonite I proved WHY I have chosen the colour my hair is...truly!!! The ultimate blond thing EVER!!! And quite honestly, I'm not even sure I've ever done this to myself really....

I locked myself out of the car

At the gas station

With my phone IN the car

NOT in Monroe either!!!

What a disaster!!!!

Did you know that if you leave a key in the ignition, and close the door and go pump gas that the stupid #@*%*($ car will automatically LOCK ITSELF!!!! What, is it afraid someone's gonna hijack the freakin car!?!?!? If it's SO smart, why didn't it understand I was putting gas in the stupid thing!?!?!? Oh I was SO annoyed by this!! And you're probably laughing, so that's just perfect! Trust me, I was not (and still am not) laughing about this one yet!

The attendant at the Fred Meyer gas station HAS NO PHONE!!!!! How stupid is that!?!? If he was to get held up, he's got no way to call for help!?!?!?! DUMB!!!

Thankfully there was another lady there who let me use her cell phone (it was only 8 pm) and I called Howie and asked him to call Greg (I don't know anyone's numbers anymore, that's what my phone is for!!) so he did....she waited after pumping her gas and let me use her phone again to see if there was result....Greg was at the girl's soccer game and it was only half no go! And Howie didn't want to "bother" anyone he was gonna put the kids in the truck and bring me his key to open it up.

So I waited the hour in the store and walked around (in new shoes I may add!! OUCH) and got some laundry soap so DJ can finally have clean pants...and some salad and I found some Glucerna bars so I could have something to eat! He came, opened the door, and left...Sam was awake, so I kissed all over on her and DJ was sleeping, I kissed him once and got in the car. SO frustrating!!

Once I got home, Howie went to bed and I relaxed in my chair a bit...watched Glee, SO good!!!! Such angst!!!! And then Raising Hope, which was HILARIOUS!!!!! And then Parenthood, which actually had me shed a few tears!! And now, I'm taking my blond hair to bed.

SERIOUSLY!!!! Who's brilliant #&*#^%) idea was to have the car self lock!?!?!?!? ARGH!!!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. ok, so this might make u feel better. I was staying at a hotel on a business trip. In the am, I couldnt find my rental car keys so I called the front desk to see if anyone had turned them in. They said "do you drive a blue toyota 4-door rental from enterprise?" I said uhhuh. They said, well the car was running all night with the doors locked so we called the rental co this morning to come get it. Now I ask you, i KNOW i was an idiot for leaving the car running (HOW did i do that???) but couldnt the front desk have called ME instead of the rental co?? I mean, I gave my licence plate # on check in. very very embarrassing for sure, especially when I had to submit an extra gas receipt on my expense acct. Not to mention when I called the rental place & asked for my car back. LOL I got teased for years about that.


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