Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fandango FAIL

This morning started off VERY early yet again as DJ had his mid season football game at 9...honestly, who makes up these schedules!?!?!? We got there and off he went to play. He did SO good today! Made 2 captures and several other attempts with some that even sent him tumbling...but he got right back up and into the game! SO proud of him!!! I did remember to take my camera finally....but forgot the memory card in the printer AND the battery died on me within a minute! argh!!!

After the game we stopped at Freddy's to get DJ some warm boots to go fishing tomorrow...he doesn't even have rain boots at this they were much needed. And we got him some thermal long underwear and shirt set....he was excited to sleep in them.

We got home and did lunch...and then laziness consumed us! Howie in his chair watching on the couch with DJ at which point I was SOOOOOOO close to getting a nap...til Sam opened the sliding door and didn't close it...yep, Houdini Belle was out like a shot out of a cannon!! I took off after her and Howie joined me once he grabbed a coat. We found her across the street at the pig's place again...only this time she wasn't in their area whew!! Brought her home and crated her. Sam apologized and you could tell she was sorry.

With all that adrenaline, Howie went to get the boat ready and I tidied up the kitchen. Sam came in as she was "bored of helping Daddy, he's not letting me do ANYTHING" so together we cleaned the bathrooms. I love Norwex!!!!! Did both of them with just water...and man does it shine!!! :)  Shameless plug:

Dinner was the new chicken we picked up today from Zaycon, the same place we got the beef and was chicken. 40 lb box of fresh, just killed and cleaned chicken straight from the farmer!! AND it was only 1.49 a pound!!! Honestly, even costco can't beat that!!!! Well, dinner was FABULOUS!!!!! This chicken, dare I say it, was more meatier than chicken we've had before!! And the size of the breasts were HUGE!!!!! Next time we'll do 2 for the 4 of us instead of 3!! Sheesh!!

After dinner Howie and I grabbed a movie....back in June I purchased a Fandango living social deal...where it was 2 for 1 I bought us a set of tickets. Unbeknownst to me, they had an expiry last nite when I tried to buy our tickets, it was only doing one...and not even the whole ticket! I cancelled the order and emailed Fandango to find out why....they replied with the whole expiration date today, before dinner I go to use up the one ticket and buy mine online....turns out, it doesn't even cover the price of one ticket, which is only covered 9.00 of it AND I had a 1.25 "service"'s that for bullshit!?!?!  I'll never do the Fandango one again!! And they could care less...I called to see why I was being charged the fee...and they basically brushed me off. GRRRRRRR

The movie we chose was Monyeball with Brad Pitt...the man can't make a bad movie! And this one was awesome!!!!! It's a baseball flick but I rather enjoyed it...and might even be a small A's fan now because of it!!! Based on a true story makes it even better! GO see it!!! :D  Traffic getting home was horrific as they're redoing the highway we were on and had it down to a single lane....for 5 miles! So we waited 20 minutes to finally move forward...stopped at Freddy's to get DJ's thermals we were missing from our bags...and then come home!! Sent Michaela home and Howie to bed and I watched Blue Bloods....I hate senseless crimes!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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