Thursday, September 29, 2011

Every day

Has its own little perk!! And I'm liking it!!

Mondays, I have both kids and we're recuperating from the weekend...and I get to be lazy in the mornings

Tuesday is the first day with DJ in school all day, which is a nice break after Monday

Wednesday we have Sam's ballet class and then Awana

Thursdays are just me and Sam again, and if I have nothing planned, I don't put my contacts in to take DJ to school

Fridays are hot lunch days (some of them I work) and I don't have to make DJ's lunch, AND it's recess duty day AND its football nite!

Saturdays will be full of DJ's football games starting next week

And Sundays are typically an at home day for us after church

So far, I'm liking each day of the week!!! Thursdays are a wee bit better than the rest of them tho, I must say! Today was kind of awesome!!! We got home from dropping DJ off and made a nice breakfast for ourselves....then we watched tv....made a nice lunch for ourselves, and then tidied up the kitchen (which looking over the monitor right now, you can't tell!) and we took out the recycle from everywhere, not just the kitchen, did the bathroom garbages, and kitty litter, and I grabbed  day time shower!!!!!

The weather today was beyond perfect really!!!! Granted it started off cold, we needed jackets AND the heat in the truck....and when we left our mtn, it was sunny, the minute we get down to hwy 2, it's SOOOOOOO foggy out! But it all burned off and we had a rather balmy late September day! It was wonderful! Before my shower, we took Sam's polish off her nails and painted them blue for Jake AND DJ's football teams...she chose the sparkly one, go figure.

Then at 4:30 we headed into town (and I forgot my phone) to meet up with my newest Avon rep to give her more  books which is awesome!!!! We've been texting off and on about things and she sounds like she'll do well! Which is nice!!! I like that she WANTED to be a rep before I got her info, kinda like me! I didn't have to "sell" her on it...SO much easier to sign up! Then Sam and I did a couple other errands and headed home to wait for a the phone call to put dinner in the oven.

Howie picked DJ up from school and then hung around town til it was football practice when they left the school, he called and I put the pizza in the oven for dinner. Worked rather well too as we were sitting down to eat within 5 minutes of them arriving home. Then I bathed them super fast and got them in bed shortly after 8...whew!! I got most of my chores done before sitting with Howie and watching more X Factor....which thankfully is done its painful audition rounds!!

Once Howie went to bed, I put Grey's on...which was good!!! And then Private Practice, which had me on the edge of my seat!!! Sheesh!!! Then I watched Whitney, which is proving to be very funny once you get past the normality of the appearance I mean...they're not super gorgeous, they're just normal, which is nice!

Til next time...God bless!

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