Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Own Fiscal New Year

This morning I woke up another year older....but still only 29!!! Like I explained to my sister Joanne when she called, if 40 is the new "30" then wouldn't 39 be the new 29!?!?!?!? Right!?!?!!? I like my math!!! Don't try and change my mind either! My Nanny (dad's mom) lied about her age my whole life!! It wasn't til she went into the nursing home and they found her birth certificate that we found out that she was actually 5 years older than she let us all believe! Well, I'm pushin for 10! Times have changed, so why not! LOL

It was very cute that when DJ woke up beside me that the first words out of his mouth were "Happy Birthday Mom" and he was so excited to be first!!  Then Sam came in and laid with us and I asked her if she knew what today was and she said "no"....I kinda hmmm'd and the then yelled out "Its your birthday!!!!" and giggled! Little tricker!!!  I then read the NUMEROUS messages on fb with birthday blessings!! Made me smile!!

We got up and had a lovely breakfast together...after some spilled milk that is...DJ's getting bigger every day, and today he poured his own milk on his cereal...and proceeded to spill it trying to carry it to the table...wasn't paying attention at all! After breakfast he went next door in search of a playmate...and found two! Sam finally  joined them after getting dressed, but wouldn't let me do her hair. It was spitting a bit, so they came in to play and then back out and then back in....all over the place really.

Then the sun broke thru around noon and they were outside playing in it...which was nice! I got some laundry going, did the dishes, put laundry away...all uninterrupted for the most part too! And I did a lot of chatting online which was nice was my birthday after all! :)  The kids had lunch outside and I tried to enjoy the peace of them outside giggling til Belle went crazy that Snickers was with the kids and she wasn' I crated her butt!! THEN I was able to enjoy the peace fully!!!!!  While working on the Norwex stuff from last nite, I realized I'd given the WRONG portion of the receipt to the customers...and they got the part with the actual credit card info on it while I had little black boxes...won't make that mistake again! So I called the ones who paid via credit card and got that taken care of...and if that's my only mistake, I'll take it!!!! :) 

Before I knew it, it was 3:30, so I called SamSam in to get cleaned up...they'd been playing in the dirt for the whole afternoon and it was gross!!! Her water was black, and that's not normal for her really....which meant that DJ was more than filthy!! For his, he got completely wet and we drained the tub to put fresh water it since it was so gross!! Clean kids are a wonderful thing!!! But then because they were clean, that put an end to the playing and the fighting began...lovely!  Howie was at a massage and chiro appt after work and it ran late, so by 6 he called and said to meet him at the I told the kids to put shoes on and let's took DJ 20 minutes to find shoes...that's just nuts!! I was *this close* to leaving him crying on the steps I was that upset with him over this. I then open the garage (where he said he looked!!) and found them!!! The ride to town was somber to say the least...he was grateful to be with us and didn't want to mess it up!

The restaurant we (DJ) picked was Red Robin (yum!) and Howie was already at a table waiting for us...and what does Sam want to do the minute we get there...use the potty! I swear, she likes using public facilities, which is the exact opposite to me! So we go in there and what do I see on a floor...a freakin used tampon GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!! So we go back to the table, and look at the menus and order....I asked for the sugar free iced tea with no ice, she brings me ice....I asked for no tomato on my burger (which she did get right) but had to come back and check as she couldn't read her own writing! And the funniest goof up...she send the "people" to sing me happy birthday TO THE WRONG TABLE!!!!!!! And that was after Howie had to remind them to do so...that was funny to watch these unsuspecting people (who are in the middle of eating) get serenaded and all the while shaking their heads!   They did make it to our table and I passed the ice cream on to the kids....and Sam needs to potty again, so off we went! Howie grabbed my purse and effects and waited at the door for us...which meant my birthday cards were left at the table...OY!!!!

The kids each get a balloon and Sam lets hers go by accident running along the she and Howie go back in to get a new one...and Howie tells me she lost the 2nd one too, and that the 3rd one finally made it to the car!! DJ and I headed to Fred Meyer to check out the clothes and see about getting me some stuff that FITS!!!! I've gone down 4 sizes and have such a limited wardrobe pants-wise...shorts I'm set, but the weather is changing (yes, already) and I need some new pants!!! In the end, I found two nice long sleeved shirts and a "fur" vest with a knit pants....well, there was one pair, but I think I'll wait to see what Lane Bryant has on Sunday at the outlet mall.

We finally get home about 9:30 and put the kids straight to bed...Howie too for that matter! I then got busy with lunch prep and bagging the 20 lbs of ground beef to hands were FROZEN after that!! With all my chores done I finally sat down for a spell...watched Royal Pains and that was it. Now, with all the typing I've done my hands are finally warm!!! Off to bed I go...another full day tomorrow! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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