Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a crisp kind of day!!!

This morning I woke up sounding like a man...yeah, my throat still hurts! So, before breakfast, I tried some of the homeopathic juice that I have for the kids when they have colds/sore throats....BLECH!!!!! Now I know why he makes the face he does!! There's no taste, and its slightly carbonated, I can't tell...but it's just odd! More like flat club soda...and it didn't help! (Altho, I'm thinking I may take a dose before bed to stop this coughing) Kids dose is 1 tsp...Adult dose is 3 tsp....just chug it! *gag*

After breakfast the kids took their time gettin dressed...but just before noon we were out the door to go grocery shopping...FINALLY!!!! I also did an Avon drop, a bank drive thru and an ATM usage...not too shabby an errand day!

We got home and I unloaded....the kids had lunch while shopping...some salami and cheese from the deli, then they shared a lunchable, got a cookie from the deli and had a fruit snack in the truck...but I was starving when I got home!! So I heated up some barely soup and had some ham...yummy lunch!!! The rain coming down pretty steady ruined any chance of the kids playing outside, but they did end up next door playing....so I unloaded the dishes and got it loaded back up and running. Then got started on dinner....since it was raining, the plan was that Howie would take DJ to football practice and I'd stay behind and get dinner going. I chose to do the pesto chicken from the Southbeach book (which by the way, I hit the 50 lb loss mark!!! HUGE milestone!) and since Fall brings the squash prices down, we did Acorn squash and green beans. And since I have 20 lbs of pears taking their sweet time ripening, I did a pear crisp for dessert. I didn't have the Splenda brown sugar, so used the real thing for that, but everything else was healthy! OH it was delicious!!!!! Just a wonderful taste of heaven!!!

And it was nice to get the house finally heated up!! I asked Howie today when we could put the heat on since it's SO chilly in the mornings...and his answer was "put a sweater on"...meanwhile, I have one on!!! Dork! Then tonite at dinner, he complained about it being cold in the house....even bigger DORK!! lol I'm hoping with October being on Saturday, he'll reconsider and set the darn thing to heat!! If he doesn't I may be forced to take matters into my own hands...I'll keep ya posted!!!

We bathed the kids after dinner and put them to bed...then we sat and watched HIMYM which was HILARIOUS with the duck tie....and then Howie went to bed, so I watched what I recorded, 2 Broke Girls (verdict is still out on this one) and 2.5 Men (LOVE Ashton!!!!!) and Mike & Molly (SO happy this one is back!!!) and then watched last nite's Drop Dead Diva...what a nail biter that was!!!! I think it was the season finale as I can't see any more in the timeline....damn!!! Such a great show! Now the dishwasher is running again and lunches are made...

Til next time...God bless!

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