Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Update

What a FULL weekend!!! Whew! Kinda glad tomorrow is Mellow Monday!

Friday after dropping DJ off to school, Sam and I went to Sky Valley Education Center for a clothing swap...I took in 6 boxes of shit clothes, and only came away with 2...not bad!!! From there we went home for lunch and a short rest time...then we went to the school and did recess duty and waited for DJ to be done school...met Marty's mom (who constantly talks about DJ at home, as does DJ talk about Marty) and then came home to have another short rest and make dinner. Then I was off at 7 for Jake's football game while the kids stayed home with the babysitter.

What a good game too!! I missed half of the first quarter as I was stuck in a line outside the field waiting to get in! I get there with a good ten minutes to spare and there's a ridiculous line! ARGH!!!!!!! We won 27-7, so that makes us 3 and 0 so far!! AWESOME! I then had the pleasure of introducing a girl to Jake that he didn't recognize from elementary school...that was funny actually! She's an absolute doll!!!!

Saturday I got to sleep in, but really it was just lay in bed by myself as my body is getting used to the early mornings now :( Then I took the kids to Freddy's and signed a gal up for Avon...the kids went to Playland while I did this, which gave Howie time to hook the  boat up for fishing the next day. Got home from Freddy's and quick hopped in the shower to get ready for a Miranda Lambert know, Blake's wife!  Howie and I headed out shortly after 1 and got to the fair about 2:30...smooth sailing all the way! Found cheap parking and walked around the fair for a few hours before going to our seats. The rain started around 5 while we were trying to win some backstage passes....that didn't happen :( 

Thankfully our seats were under the grandstand roof, so we weren't gettin soaked like the ground floor peeps...and they were SOAKED!!! She did a full 90 minute concert and whatever she was drinking, she was drinkin fast!! Those red dixie cups don't let ya know what's in 'em!!! She also does a lot of stomping and spinning and head banging...guess there's  a reason I haven't been to a female concert in more than a few years! I will also say, she's far skinnier than the mags suggest!! She looks GOOD!! After the concert we headed to Everett to my g/f Jackie's garage party...and she'd texted me a pic of her new engagement bling!! YAY!!!!!!! They're getting married at the same chapel we did on the 29th of February...I'll be watching online for hers like she did for mine! Kinda wild!

Today I woke up to DJ in bed with me and then he got up and Howie got back in....he didn't end up going fishing as it was WAY too windy on the water. Then he was gonna stay home from church as he was having tummy issues, and as we're on our way to church, he got called in to work for a power outage. He didn't get home til long after we were done lunch...then unhooked the boat and started packing for Vegas. He leaves tomorrow for a "work thing" know, one of those bonding things!

We had an early dinner and I took off for Everett to meet up with my g/f Shirah to watch The Help. I'd heard SO many good things about this movie, and I wanted to read the book first, but time is running out on it being on the big screen, so I'm doing it backwards!! Oh what a fabulous movie!!! Now I definitely need to read the book...we all know the book is better!!

Got home and two minutes after I get here, DJ is crying in his room....and he's burning up! Fever of 100.9, poor guy! Gave him some meds and let him lay on the couch for a bit. I check on Sam and she's on the floor...apparently she tried waiting up for me...I put her in bed and she gave me a kiss on the nose....even half a sleep she's an angel!!

Now, I gotta go make some coffee and hit the hay!! You're all caught up and I'm done typing! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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