Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Second verse, same as the first!

I swear, it might be Tuesday, but it sure felt like Monday all over again!! From the time DJ joined me in bed, to the times they both got up for the day, everything! The only real difference...NO PUKING!!!!! YAY!!!

I also had a first, as a parent...calling the school to let them know my son won't be attending due to illness...that was surreal for me!! Kinda like coming full circle in a way.

Sam's fever was broken, and she was a HUNGRY girl! So I let her have some dry cereal, and not a lot of it either, but she gobbled it down! DJ on the other hand, was still fevered and quite the same as he got sips of water til we were sure it wasn't coming back up....then he graduated to a sippy cup of water and Sam to a sippy of crystal light.

Lunch was the same...Sam got some bread and peanut butter and some pretzels and DJ got more water...he also wasn't asking to eat, so that made it easier. The afternoon passed away with a nap or two...both of them dozed off at some point...oh and I painted Sam's nails...her toes are ballerina pink and her fingers are night plum...she's happy!

About 3 I gave her a bath...both of them smell sickly, and my poor nose can't take it anymore! So in the bath she went! DJ was napping when we got started and then came in and sat with us...but wouldn't take a bath. Then her fever spiked back up again....she'd done well all day...but back up to 99.9 it went. :(  This means no dance for her tomorrow....haven't told her that yet....good thing she doesn't know days of the week yet!

Then around 5, DJ let me bathe him and we got the stink off him too! Whew!! Can't do anything about the sick breath, but at least he's huggable again! For dinner they were both hungry, so I made them some broth with noodles in it...they ate what they wanted and it was good! They both enjoyed it too...which is great as they're not soupers! After I ate my dinner (which they both drooled over while sitting with me) I decided to grab a shower myself...DJ fell asleep and Sam came in to wait in the bedroom for me...and fell asleep on the bed waiting. I put a diaper on her and changed her into pj bottoms and covered her up....then DJ woke up and I decided he needed to go back to we read a book. While reading to him, Sam came in and sat with us. Then they both went to bed and it was barely after 8! WOW!

I tidied up the kitchen and sat down to watch tv. GLEEEEEEEEEEE is back!!!!!!!!! Oh this was so exciting for this Gleek!!! Not sure I like the change in characters...but I'm sure there's a reason....but yay it's back!!! So is Raising Hope...which had me guffawing out loud!!! And the new show in between, New Girl, was pretty okay...we'll see. Parenthood was great!! Like, really great!!! And then, since I was totally uninterrupted, and it was still early, I watched last nite's Castle...which was just as good! DJ was the only one to wake up for a bit while I was watching he watched it with me and then went back to bed no problems. I'm anticipating him being awake again soon...guess I'd better get  myself to bed then!

Til next time...God bless!

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