Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flying Solo

This morning didn't quite go like I'd planned it in my head...DJ came in at 6:50 and went right back to sleep...and so did I...til we got up after 8!! Yeah, we'd have been majorly late for school then!!  ha! As it was, we got dressed, ate and left! This morning was a Norwex meeting I could finally attend...WITH childcare!! Sweet!! It was in Marysville, and if I'd looked at the directions on my phone, instead of going by how I think I'd get there, I would have totally been on time!!!! Grrr Murphy and his damn laws!

The meeting itself was good...I learned some, and listened more than was all good!! The kids had a blast too....we met at a church and they had a playground, so all the kids got to go out and play for a bit...which made it easier for us to listen  to what the new products are (and really, they're ALL new to me!)  We were done at noon and I chatted at bit with my upline and then headed for home. We stopped to do the pizza run while in town, and then dropped them off at the shed and came home home! Which was good as I was STARVING!!!! Made myself a lunch and then started packing up my Norwex kit for my first party tonite.

I then grabbed a shower and kept running over in my head what I wanted to talk about at the party, but at the same time trying not to over analyze what I want to hard! I'm too much like my dad sometimes! I got dressed and ready to go and then waited for Howie to get home so we could make dinner and I could jet!!  I left a bit early so I could scope out the house and see what I wanted to work on to carpets, so that was out...and her windows were spotless! But that's okay, I mucked them up with butter to make my point! :)

The party was to start at 7, so we chatted for a while before the first guest showed up....and in total we had 7 people, which is awesome!! I think for the most part it went well...I know there was a lot of stuff I forgot to mention, but did get to answer most of it when they fired questions at, all but one gal was new to Norwex, so they didn't know what I forgot! All told, it was a great show!! I'm quite pleased with the way it went and happy with it all! Even had one straggler come in when I was all done and did the window demo again for her as that's what sold most of them on Norwex! How could it not!?!?! It is powerful!

I was home by 9 and Howie was shocked at that...he was expecting to be in bed by the time I got home....I was a little keyed up, so I started entering the party online to see the numbers and to order myself some more stuff that I want for display.  Lovin the number...not gonna lie!! :)   By 10 I was ready to sit and veg for a I got Howie's lunch ready to go and sat down to watch Eureka.  Since it was early enough I thought I'd watch The Protector too...but Belle had me outside 5 times...and did nothing even tho I caught her mid-squat to poop 3 times even!!! Such foolishness!! And quite frustrating still! Good thing she's so cute and lovable!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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