Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back in the saddle

This morning went pretty darn smooth if I do say so myself!!! Got up, got Belle taken care of, got the kids dressed, got breakfasts ready (they wanted truck ones) and ate, and we were on the road by 8:02...there are markers of the time we're if I see the bus at the end of our street picking up the Sultan kids, we're SO late!!! If we're already on the road and get stopped by that same bus picking up kids before it, we should be okay, but the stopping part drives me batty!...and if we pass that bus before it makes of the stops in the stretch of road I'm travelling on, we're fine and dandy!!! Today was a fine and dandy day!!!!

I walked DJ in as I needed to chat with the ladies in the office a bit...Sam made herself right at home and took off her coat and went for the books....even tho we were there less than 3 minutes!!!! Then we went to the shed so I could pick up books...and really glad I waited as yesterday was a miserable rainy day, today was just cool and gray...even tho I had extra work to do with the new books being there already (I prefer to grab the old ones before the new ones come, I have more room to work with) and also discovered that someone snatched 4 of my boxes...not cool!!! SO not cool! That meant I was unloading and reloading up 4 of the newer boxes...and I'll be short again next week trying to play catch up! grrrrrr

Then we took the books back to town and to the home school resource center as they're up and running again, but since it was their first official day of school, they weren't ready for I dropped 'em off at Goodwill instead and then we went home finally. Had a nice lunch my girl and I, and then we watched Despicable Me per Sam's request! About 2:20 I called Howie to remind him he was picking DJ up, and he informed me he was gonna be late due to a stop he needed to make. Now, I had talked to him just 5 hours prior and we talked about him picking DJ on earth did he forget so quickly!!!!! So I hustled Sam out the door and we went back to town to pick DJ up from school. Just as I pulled into the driveway, Sam fell asleep....we were just talking seconds ago too! At least this gave DJ and I chance to chat on the way home and for me to find out about his day, which was wonderful! He had a "job" today in class, and he was the lights whenever they left the room, he was to turn the lights off....I can't tell you how much I love this school for helping me teach my son this!!!! He's terrible for this!!!

Also, something in his brain is dinner, Howie asked him to go wash his hands, and within 5 seconds DJ was off washing his hands...and he only had to ask ONCE!!!!!!! How amazing is that!?!?!? lol It's the little things! After dinner I grabbed the quickest shower and then sent Howie to bed...he's on graveyard tonite and needed some sleep...come to find out, he was also leaving super early as he needed to get to Lowes before they closed at 9...blech!!! He got up as I reading to the kids, tucked them in and left for work.

I sat and was going to watch Glee...but my dvr royally screwed me over and didn't record it even tho it showed it was supposed to....made me sad!! So I watched New Girl live, and then Raising Hope (I want one of THOSE toilets!!) and then flipped on Parenthood, which was funny!!!!!!!  Belle also occupied herself with a pear...she's been eyeing them for the past couple days...and today grabbed one...I at first thought it was a dirty tennis ball, til I went to pick it up and discovered it was a pear....she chewed on that thing for hours!!!! And didn't even get half way thru it!! Nice!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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