Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If all our Mondays are like this

They may become my new fave day of the week!!!! Seriously!! Well, for this school year...lol next year he goes 5 days a week...so Mondays will be old school (oh I'm killin myself here!)

But really, it was a nice way to wake up with no real rush or feeling like you're gonna be late for school...the kids enjoyed each other's company watchin tv while I enjoyed lazing under my blankets...Fall is here, the heat wave we've had for the last 9 days is gone in one fell swoop! Howie even turned the fan off for me this morning, which was nice! That would have been too cold for me! As is it, I'll be closing the window in the bedroom...seems like it was just last week it finally got open...oh wait, it was!

In any case, we ate and hopped in the truck to head out for DJ's hair cut...we're 2 weeks from picture day, and I wanted it to have a bit of regrowth time...in the end we didn't cut the top the normal shortness as I'm in love with is golden crown...Jake used to get that too from a summer in the sun, now his hair is far too long (and greasy) to go golden...maybe someday again.  After the cut we stayed for an hour and the kids all played for a bit and Anneke and I got time to chat while Karina went back and forth between us...she's such a sweet baby!!!

From there we went to the shed so I could box up the books and videos to go out....and sorted the extra boxes in the shed as we had way too many! Then we came home and had lunch...kids made it easy for me and finished off the pizza from yesterday while I had the salad standard.  The kids then went in and out and in again...and finally the 3 of us snuggled on the couch...Sam fell asleep, I dozed off, but DJ was gung ho! I only let Sam sleep til 3 and then DJ very sweetly (without being asked even) woke her up and they were off playing outside again.  I then got dinner thawing and did some more laundry. Mondays are going to be laundry days for sure!! So DJ has clean clothes for the following school day.

Howie got home and the kids and I took the dogs to the park...all was going well til DJ threw the ball over the fence and the dogs were not pleased...but I'd already run their butts off, so they weren't too heartbroken. The neighbour kids came to the park too, so the 5 of the romped around while Michaela and I chatted a bit. Then we headed home to get dinner going. I made burgers again...and combined with Howie's expert bbq skillz, they were DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! Even the kids think so! Sam finished hers off before her noodles were done! Now THAT says something!!! Little Miss Noodle Freak!

After dinner the kids got bathed and put in bed....I came out and Howie's watching Bach Pad...lol I had two things recorded and he got sucked into the Pad!! haha He didn't stay long tho and I started from the beginning and watched it. I am SOOOOOOOO glad Vienna and Kasey weren't even in the running for the final prize!!! I'd already heard about Blake's proposal to Holly, so that wasn't a shock...shocking tho, was the way the blindsided Michael with it right then and there! Dang dude! And I was bummed to hear that Jackie and Ames didn't make it work...and it seems like Ames didn't even try really. Oh, and WHY don't they have tissues available for those limo rides!?!?! Are they that cheap!!?!?! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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