Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 2 is done!!

This morning he was up at 6:30...freezing cold and climbed in next to I know how Howie feels in the middle of winter and I get into bed!!!!! Brrrrrr And then he fell back to sleep for a whole 15 minutes before getting up for the day! He's not at all excited for school! I got up and got dressed and let Belle out...come out to the living room and he's all snuggled under the blankets watching the news...I'd forgotten to put it on a kids channel...oops! I got SamSam up and we all had breakfast before heading to school. Samantha was dallying far too much this morning for my liking, so she ended up going shoe-less to the school. Which also meant I had to carry her in...and around...and out...she's gettin big! Or I'm gettin weak! One of the two.

We got home just about 9 and I was more than ready for a nap!! Thanks to Caillou, I did get a 20 minute doze!! Not sure exactly where the day went as it was quiet...very quiet! I kept pretending that DJ was just next door playing, but there were no children noises...and he didn't come in for lunch...which was kinda nice to have with my lil girl! She's very accommodating and compassionate....its nice to see her qualities when she's not yelling at DJ for something he did to her.

Before I knew it, it was time to go get him....I did make the spaghetti sauce tho before we left...and I got to cook up that FINE ground beef I got from Zaycon...the 7% fat stuff, WOW what a difference!!! There was nothing to drain off!! NOTHING!!!! And it was tasty!!! Ok, back to the school we went, and while we waited for DJ's class to come out Sam got to try out the swings....this time she had shoes on!!! Imagine that! We got home and the kids stayed out to play (and swim) and I laid on the bed for a half hour which was nice for some down time. Then I got up and started with dinner...we were eating early as I had an Awana meeting to attend.

Howie had a massage and chiro appt, which ran late...REALLY late and we ended up meeting half way to swap vehicles so I could go kidless...turns out they could have come...oh well. Got all the details sorted out for next weeks first Awana nite and then came home. Kids in bed (teeth brushed even!) and Howie watching tv...finally got to catch up with him and start making lunches for tomorrow. He went to bed and I watched a movie on CMT I'd recorded called "To The Mat" was okay...I'm really ready for regular programming to resume!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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